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Gruvin / Mako Switch / Effect

Very Good condition, 7,5/10, true bypass, velcro on the bottom, including original box, Features: Miniature form factor - 3.6L x 1.5W x 1.25H - fits in places where other pedals won t. Nearly 1/3 the size of standard compact pedals. Use the Mako Switch to make any pedal true-bypass and switch it in and out of your signal chain with the push of a single button, True signal path design circuit ensures no unpleasant tonal artifacts - the instrument s signal is mechanically and electrically point to point at all times with nothing in its way. The LEDs and their DC power never share any connections with your input signal. So with respect to the LED functionality, the circuit is True Bypass via mechanical circuit switching at all times. Preset an entire chain of effects and their settings and switch the whole chain in an out of your signal path with the push of a single button, Use the Send connection to go to another amplifier or an entirely separate signal chain and switch your instrument s signal to either of 2 separate chains of effects pedals, Use the send to patch a line out to your tuner and tune silently, LEDs for letting you know at a glance the signal path selected, Use as many Mako Switches as you want in your signal chain - they don t take much space, When using the LED feature, hook it up to any DC power source between 3V and 12V using a standard center-negative 2.1mm DC power cable (the same ones used by just about every pedal you have). Current draw from the LEDs is so low, it can work from the DC out jack found on tuner pedals and other devices, All components are ROHS-compliant including the case
Instrument sold

Oscar Guitars, Sweden  

Contact name:
Oscar Björklund
Vintage guitars, amps and other stringed instruments
Opening hours:
M-F 12.00-18.00 Sat-Sun 12.00-16.00

Oscar Guitars is today Sweden's largest specialist guitar store with a focus on vintage and used string instruments, pedals and amplifiers. In the store there is a constantly changing exhibition of stringed instruments from all ages and manufacturers, some call it a museum where everything is for sale. 

The store is based on a vision that began full-time in 1997 and today, 25 years later, we are one of the the most famous vintage guitar shops in Northern Europe.  


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