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The collectors series begins with Tom Wittrock from Springfield Missouri and his passion for vintage guitars. He is usually associated with the Gibson Les Paul Standards built between 1958 - 1960, commonly known as "Bursts".

The interview gives us the experts view of what makes these guitars so special and why they continue to appeal to players and collectors.

We will see some live playing from Tom at the Dallas Guitar Festival in Dallas Texas, the Arlington Guitar Show in Arlington Texas, the Cadillac Pizza Pun in McKinney Texas, and in Lauschhuette near Daxweiler Germany.

We thank Michael Putteman for his review which appeared in Grand Guitars 6/2011

”Tom Wittrock expert in 'Bursts' and has brought together his collection of '58 to '60's in his poster. He owns and is featured in Grand Guitars ( november 2009 he has extended his reputationat the Oldenburgh Vintage Show, November 2011 and gigs with mutual friend Bernard Groll in many well known clubs. What this is about is his collection, naturally his 'Bursts'  and his activities as a celebrated blues guitarist. It was natural for him to produce a DVD. The DVD is PAL with English voice/over and no sub titles.Director/producer David Plues portrays Tom with rich still photos and video

coverage of toms shop in Springfield  MO where he demos one of his special pieces of flamie tops   The DVD serves as a fantastic opportunity of gathering info on 40 years of specific guitars and amps In the sub section we see Tom and friends at the Dallas Guitar Show, Dallas pub plus gigs in Germany

The live performances were shot by amateurs and offers a very personal impression of Tom Wittrock and his fav. instruments espec G.I. Paul with converted humbuckers. This is for genuine vintage fans and is a definitive opportunity to view his collection.”

Authors note:  This is my rough translation and i appolgise for any mistakes i may have made David Plues.

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