Hagstrom / P46 Deluxe / 1962 / Red Sparkle / Guitar

Here’s one of the most elegant guitars ever designed, but you can judge this for yourself by looking at the photos: 1962 Hagstrom P46 Deluxe in Red Sparkle finish.


By the end of the ‘50s, Hagstrom decided that accordeons were something of the past and that guitars were the instrument of the time. So that’s what they started building, but using the same materials they already had for the accordeon builds. So that explains the buttons and sparkle, all put together with surprising style and freshness.


The P46 Deluxe features two humbucking pickups, a rythm/solo mode, a kill switch, tone and volume controls, and pickup combination (square) button selectors. It is a very sweet sounding guitar, and will 100% guaranteed surprise you. It WILL struggle tonewise with any of the big name models of the era.


Extremely light, in lovely condition, only shows some pearloid finish peeling in the sides, which is rather normal. Frets are stainless steel, so they’ll last forever. We are amazed with this guitar, both for its uncomparable elegance and huge sound.


Includes later deluxe-quality case made by Hagstrom too.

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In the last few years, online sale for musical instruments has experienced an amazing growth, but has passed right through the pre-owned market (that is, in Spain), limiting it to specialised forums and private owners. This is why Guitar Giraffe was born, the first physical and online second hand guitar and amp store (we like to call it "pre-owned", since we see a big difference between both terms), with a clear commitment of giving new options to guitarists locally and worldwide. Pre-owned guitar stores, so common in UK and USA, were practically nonexistent in Spain. We’ve wanted to fill that empty space by becoming the first physical and online store in our country focused on pre-owned guitars and amps.

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