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Hamer Californian  Custom 1988. Custom order with 5A Flame maple body, rosewood fingerboard and gold hardware. The original Floyd Rose was fitted by Hamer. Between 1985 - 1988 Hamer used the original Floyd Rose tremolos and then they fitted the Schaller tremolo with their Logo on it.
The guitar is one of the very first Californians made by Hamer in the US. Just before the Kaman company acquisition. It is a Californian Custom model with gold hardware and Seymour Duncan options.
I got the guitar in the April 1988 and Kaman bought Hamer sometime towards the end of 1988.
During the original Hamer ownership, up to the end of 1988, Hamer Californian models were classified as Standard ( mahogany body ) and Custom ( upgrade version with flame or quilted maple body ).
The Elite term was only used for the Chapparal model. Gold hardware, ebony or maple fingerboard, boomerang inlays, Seymour Duncan or OBL pickups and various bindings were options. Mainly, during that era Hamer used the terms Standard and Custom for their models.
After 1988 and in fact on their first cataloque 06/15/1989, Kaman introduced the term Elite for the Californian model and changed the list options and some of their model names.
I have included a few pictures from Hamer's 1988 cataloque to see it. Also the page where at the bottom  describe the models showed on the front cover ( inside the red circle ).
The guitar is in absolute Mint condition, like NOS. Looks like it has been kept in a time capsule for 34 years.

This particular guitar was ordered as a custom order to Paul Hamer himself. I wanted a rosewood fingerboard because the sound is better balanced compared to the ebony one. I tried both fingerboards and I observe that due to the bright tone of the body the rosewood combination suits this guitar much better.
Apparently it was the ideal combination.
The guitar is very light and very resonant.
The original Floyd Rose was fitted by Hamer. 
You may see it in the early Chaparral and Steve Stevens models.

Everything on the guitar is original!
Also you may see my other listings, an Ibanez USA Custom Exotic wood and a Hamer Steve Stevens.

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