Harvester / Lupine Short Scale Ser # 114 / 2020 / Aged Pelham Blue / Guitar

From Harvester Guitars:

“The Harvester Lupine series are short scale instruments, designed for manoeuvrability and fun.
I love working with with different scales and exploring their effect on tone and player ergonomics, I always find the shorter scale leads the left hand to different paths.
These guitars particularly suit players who like to explore alternate tunings or who appreciate the sound of instruments of different scale overlaid against each other - whether on stage or in the studio.

Loosely based on some so called 'student' guitars of the 1950s the unique, long neck-pocket and long cutaway put the entire fretboard in easy reach of the player despite the compact overall size.
A pair of TV Jones T’armond pickups cover a lot of ground tonally, emphasising the punchy short-scale sound, they clean-up to a surprisingly twangy output at low gain, all the way through some familiar TV Jones chiming, brash chordal sounds and a strong lead tone, all the while maintaining clarity and note definition. Definitely one of my favourite of TV’s pickup designs to build a guitar around!

This particular Lupine celebrates the art deco influence found in some guitars of the 50s and 60s, as a revival of 1920s modernism seeped into industrial design and eventually into rock album art and guitars. Unique contrasting guards and parts against one of my favourite factory colours - Pelham Blue.”

What a treat it is to have not one but two Harvester guitars in our possession at this time. Not many players get the opportunity to play or own one of Melbourne Australian Luthier, Anthony Paine’ brilliant pieces.

We live for original instruments like this and love Dynasonic Pickups and 24” Scale guitars around here. In tone & playability, this Lupine Short Scale is as versatile of an instrument we’ve ever come across. While it’s the same scale as a Fender Jaguar the guitar has a set neck and the available tones via the T-Armond pickups are big, full, twangy and harmonically rich. Dearmond Dynasonics are some of the most Hi-Fi tone-full pickup designs ever created. They are single coils with individual adjustable 1/4” magnets that help to pickup the full range of the guitars strings as they vibrate. Unlike the non height-adjustable Dynas found in 50’s Gretsch Duo-Jets, Falcons & many Guild instruments. This recreation of the Dyna by TV-Jones is an exact P-90 size replacement pickup with adjustable height, via the two center screws.

The guitar is very ergonomic and balances perfectly both seated or standing. While something not easy to achieve, we’ve noticed both now & with past Harvester Guitars in our shop that this is something Anthony is very good at achieving; no matter what shape or scale the Harvester instrument is.

This Lupine model is a set-neck design like most Harvester’s are. The guitar resonates greatly against the players body and you can certainly feel those vibrations in the palm of your hand. The guitar is setup with great attention and plays incredibly well. It doesn’t fight you, but the large U-Shape neck gives it some real substance and an old-time, true vintage feel.

The finish work is all Nitro and very lightly applied to-boot. The guitar has some nice relicing going on, it looks and feels as if this guitar has been around for many decades and has most certainly fooled some of our customers. Once they pick it up and realize the ease of playability they get it. These guitars have a cool “Folk-Art” appearance. All of the small details from the inlays to the double dual-tone Bakelite pick-guards are hand-fabricated by Anthony in his Melbourne shop.

Punch, clarity and easy chording are the name of the game with this beauty. The shorter scale makes tough chords easy to achieve and soling on this fingerboard is both a joy and a breeze. Standard, Drop D or other alternate tunings all sound immaculate with the tight low end and crisp midrange this guitar produces.

If you’re looking for a guitar that will push your playing into different directions and inspire you to play in ways you never have before, this guitar is for you. You won’t regret picking this one up. These guitars typically have a lengthy wait-list, so being able to grab a brand new, 2020 Harvester right away is a rare opportunity. Don’t let this guy pass you by.

Harvester Lupine SS in Deco Blue Specs:

24” scale.
12” radius.
2 x TV Jones T’armonds.
Unique/Handmade Harvester art - deco tailpiece.
Neck : Queensland maple.
Neck profile : Large U .86” - 98”
Body : Queensland maple.
Fretboard : Bocote.
Headstock : Walnut burl.
Lacquer : Aged Pelham Blue.
Weight: 7lbs 3oz
Comes in Original HSC w/ hang tag & hand signed spec sheet by Anthony Paine.

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