Höfner / Hofner / Galaxy / 1960 / Red/black Deco / Guitar

You are looking at a 1960's Hofner Galaxy Solid Electric Guitar.

Guitar is in good vintage condition. The body shows some scratches, scuffs and chips. Pickups and switches work fine; very good sound quality for it's age.

This is one of the most successful guitar manufactured by Hofner. As seen on pictures, the differences with above 175 model are: mute bridge parts, the on/off switches settled on the every pickups, volume control of each pickups are replaced under the pickups. 

This example is also the variation of the RARE COLOR. the Vinyl coverd finish which colord red and gold psychedelic pattern. A collector told me that there must be the 3 versions of Rare Color, red/gold, black/gold and black/silver. but I haven't found the black/silver one.

Instrument sold

Musik Utan Gränser, Sweden  

Contact name:
Bruce Emms,
Jam Pedals.Music Man, Paul Reed Smith, Thermionic Culture, Sandberg Guitars, Martin Guitars, Yamaha, Strymon, Marshall, Vox, Engl, Warwick, Hagström,Jim Dunlop,EHX,Ibanez and many more
Swedish, English
Independent shop serving the Swedish Music Scene since 1973.
Opening hours:
Mon-Fri 10.00-19.00 Sat 10.00-15.00

Brief history ( A true one as well )

Shortly after opening, MUG got off to a flying start. The first customer was Jimmy Page, the guitarist of Led Zeppelin. He asked for Ernie Ball electric guitar strings and Bruce answered.

-- The only thing is....eh ..--- " We ordered them a while back, but they haven't arrived yet!"

Luckily enough, Jimmy went away satisfied with his Fender Superbullets or Sound City Strings.

However, as soon as Jimmy had left the shop, Bruce got on the phone to his trade friends in England to find out more about Ernie Ball.


It didn't take long before MUG was the agent for Ernie Ball in Sweden.
This is how Bruce started his "crusade" through Sweden and how MUG got off to a flying start.

The year was 1973. It's now 2015 and Jimmy Page probably won't ever be coming back, but we at MUG see a Jimmy Page in all our customers. This is the way it's always been. 

Welcome to our website and our shop as well. 

/ The Staff at MUG


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