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Good condition, 6,5/10, yes! We are proud to be able to present this guitar to you, as we are huge KISS-fans and know how rare these original late 70 s PS-10s are today, unfortunately no case included, slightly flat frets but no divots, someone has scratched in B-1530 in the back of the headstock, lots of wear on the back, no breaks, mirror pickguard, all original parts, Made in Japan, has a plastic plaque from the Swedish importer Crafton dated 1980 (280) on the back of the headstock, Paul Stanley of KISS favored the Iceman from 1977 to 1980 and again used it primarily from 1992 to 1997 until he started endorsing his own model by Washburn guitars.Probably the most sought after by collectors is the PS-10, or Paul Stanley model. This came out in 1977 as the popularity of the rock band KISS skyrocketed. Ibanez approached Paul while KISS was on tour in Japan in March, 1977. They offered him a chance to develop his own signature model. He liked the shape of the Artist 2663 model and made changes to that model as his ideas came to fruition in the PS10 model. The PS10 first appeared in the 1978 Ibanez catalog, although it may have been available for purchase prior to catalog printing. Paul Stanley (rhythm guitar, vocals) played an Iceman for the next 4 years. A live shot of him with the Iceman appears inside the album cover of KISS ALIVE II. This model retailed for about $695 in 1978, and was offered through 1981.


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