Ibanez / JS-10th Chromeboy Joe Satriani Anniversary Limited Edition / 1998 / Guitar For Sale

The Ibanez JS-10 Chromeboy is a very rare model, exactly 506 instruments have been produced… Stemming from the heritage of the JS 2 and the original Chromeboys of the early 90s, the JS-10th Chromeboy is the reference guitar of of Satriani’s most fabulous period, and its chrome finish is achieved through Ibanez’s exclusive process of coating the body with conductive paint, polished to perfection, before having its final coating. The body is then placed in a vacuum chamber where a cloud of aluminum is created which will be magnetically attracted to the body to form a thin chrome layer. This is followed by a second phase of polishing in order to obtain its unique brilliance in the world of the guitar! The body of this instrument is made of Luthite, which gives a much better grip on the chrome finish.

The JS-10th Chromeboy is also the only JS equipped with a “Phase Swith” which allows you to put the humbuckers out of phase and therefore have a much wider range of sounds. Equipped like the JS 90th with chrome DiMarzio PAF Joe and FRED pickups, it comes with its exclusive Ibanez Prestige silver Flycase. This perfect harmony makes the JS-10th Chromeboy a prestigious and legendary guitar, like Joe Satriani.

This JS-10th Chromeboy is in very good condition, obviously barely played by its previous owners. Perfect frets and neck, body without damage or defect, a very small dent (nail, plectrum…) on the top, tiny and scattered lines and mini and almost imperceptible scratches in the chrome finish, are the only things visible, and again, you have to look to find these mini flaws. This rare guitar has obviously always been perfectly maintained and probably played very little. It also has one of the lowest serial number I came across, under 20, that’s really cool. Comes with its original hardcase and tremolo arm.

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