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For everyone that isn't impressed with traditional guitar sounds anymore, there's the Industrialectroc 4046-M. Guitar Synth, Fuzz, Bit Reduction, Ring Modulator, Overdrive, Tremolo, Arpeggiator...

An essential tool for sound fiddlers and adventurous musicians.


Gitarren Total, Switzerland  

Contact name:
Fender, Gibson, Marshall, PRS, Martin, Vox
German, English, Italian, French and Swedish
Vintage & new guitars, amps, effects etc..
Opening hours:
Mon-Fri: 11h-19h. Sat: 10h-17h.

Once upon a time ... and today is still ... and will be in twenty years.

That was the short version. For all those who like to listen to longer stories, here is the GT-Story:

It all started in the "Slowhand", the tip for lovers of bizarre guitars behind the Zurich Hauptbahnhof. Thomas Fessler and Reto Prince managed the store - and already addressed soon completely own a small workshop in order to heal the loved ones of their best customers from their wounds on. When the loading station extension fell victim to two things were clear: Thomas and Reto wanted our own business. And the program should be the name of "Total Guitar". Meanwhile, the impressive customer base was quickly diverted to the charming new shop on the Aemtlerstrasse - the reputation of GT according to an insider tip was reached only through the backyard.

The backyard was, but secretly he was not for long: soon brought a growing band of guitar lovers, not just their guitars, but also the amps. It was time for the performance of Carlo Milan. As a well-known guitarist and a trained specialist for tube amplifiers, he has been the ideal and the first man in the amp department. Under his direction, have been repaired since then all kinds of amps, maintained and optimized. GT also started the development of new and innovative products like the legendary BPA2, a preamp for vintage basses of the feeble sound of this jewelry really brings to bear.

When Prince left Reto GT in 1995,  a quick substitute had to be found. We did however, find the man that can do anything: Werner Sahli,  As a great connoisseur,in which he had acquired in our own workshop, not only years of experience with paint and repairs, but he also knew a lot about electronics.

After Thomas Fessler of fashion fads producer was very rarely there for his shop, Patrick Gezer came on the scene. Patrick had led a small Gitarrengeschaft in the Zurich Oberland, held with education and repairs on water, and; definitely only guitar in my head. As a new CEO, he completed the team.

Where real lovers are at work, new ideas can not be long in coming. GT also soon made himself a name with innovative developments. Werner e.g. developed the GT-IM Guitars (its own brand) – which, unfortunately due to a luthier in a loss of fraudulent business and had to be adjusted. Despite such setbacks, we are still trying to put our ideas into innovative, or simply practical methods and products, and bless the world with strings of things like our pedal board cable, or the popular GT-strings.

Thanks to the good nose for Patrick filled the store gradually with an ever larger number of high-quality instruments - and would have long since burst at the seams, would not be the spaces of our neighbors, and later the cellar and the shop down the street has become free . From the back shop, the charming, winding mecca for guitarists and bass player that knows it today - with the workshop as the heart, was the store with all the wonderful tools as a soul and the amp test room for the ears. And with a proper, official shop entrance!

Of course we also think of the staff of our shops FUTURE: Since 2007 we’er with our gitarrenbegeisterten apprentice not only something against youth unemployment, but also for the rejuvenation of GT.

In 2008, we will pop the corks - a toast to Total Guitar for the next 20 years. Namely, because we had some ideas that we necessarily want to try ...

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