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Here is handbuilt boutique wonder from Holland. Handbuilt by longtime Fender Service Repair technician started building his own instruments from premium woods and high-end parts. Jerome only builts a few guitars a year and has built only 18 guitars and one of them was already bought by Guy Fletcher.........yes really. Another 2 of them are used for pro recordings in Holland's best Studio called Wisseloord. These guitars are amazing. Pro tone and feel all over the place. Jerome's has a small work shop and makes Tele's and Strats in any color, setup, woods you wish. Custom finishes also possible. This Tele right here has a swamp ash body, Van Zandt Vintage Set, Goto bridge, medium shape unfinished maple neck for natural feel, rosewood board. The guitar is very loud acoustically, this one rings and sings in your hands. The guitar is in excellent condition and a Gator hardcase is included.

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RJV Guitars , Netherlands  

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Remco Verhoog
Dutch, English, Deutsch
Collectable, Signature, Vintage
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Hello Fellow-V&R

Welcome to RJV Guitars. The place to be if you are looking for Rare and Limited Signature guitars, original Vintage guitars or other Limited Edition or Special guitars. We are located in the beautiful Netherlands in a city called Apeldoorn which has a population of around 150.000 people and is located 50 miles from the worldfamous city of Amsterdam and Schiphol Airport.

We are totally addicted to guitars, guitars, guitars and everything that has to do We collect guitars for a while now and love te buy, sell and trade them. Ebay is the perfect tool for this, because you can find the finest guitars all over the world. This way we can build our stock and personal collections.

Thanks for reading our short introduction and we hope to buy, sell or trade a nice guitar with you in the near future. Greetings from the beautiful Netherlands.

RJV Guitars

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