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Jesselli / Three Piece Special / 2021 / Natural / Guitar For Sale

Another immaculate piece by famed NY Luthier Joseph Jesselli. This is the latest instrument by this legendary guitar builder. It's a unique twist on his most popular body shape the Modernaire, while being slightly deeper and having a three piece Maple top; which we'll get further into. The guitar features many appointments, unique to Joe Jesselli's guitars; such as stepped binding, leather pickup covers, silicon bronze frets and an angled ivory nut with zero fret (aka fret-nut).
Everything on this guitar has been hand fabricated by Joseph Jesselli in his Long Island NY workshop. The only exceptions being the tuners, which have custom in-house made tuner buttons. They are also custom plated by Joe. The only other exception are the pickups, which are an original Jesselli design and are hand-wound to Joe’s specs by Pete Biltoff of Vintage Vibe Guitars. The pickup covers and rings are handmade by Joe Jesselli. This is a one of a kind model dubbed the "Three Piece Special". It has a slightly more Art Nouveau styling than the more Deco Modernaire model. This model is fully hollow and consists of a highly figured Rock Maple body, which has been stunningly carved to perfection. The three piece top consists of two thinner pieces of 1/4" Sawn Rock Maple on the sides for maximum resonance and a thicker middle section which provides incredible sustain and acoustic projection. The handmade Macassar Ebony bridge with Ivory saddles is fully intonated and goes directly into the body, rather than having a base-plate, further adding to the translation of vibrations to the top and sustain. The tailpiece is bead-blasted brass, plated nickel; with an intricate engraved design and two sides of Macassar Ebony. You'll find many beautiful, masterfully executed details, curves, handmade parts and lines throughout this guitar, the more time you spend with it. It's truly a masterpiece. The knobs are also Macassar Ebony with Ivory inlays and the toggle switch tip is an exquisite piece of carved ivory.
This Jesselli has a lot of Joe's newest innovations, such as a Rock Maple neck with his unique truss-rod design that moves the neck in the most precise way, allowing the guitar to play with action that is only 2 1/2 and 3 64th" at the 12th fret E to E. Most guitars are around 4 64ths at the 12th fret. The nut is curved with a zero fret design, making the action low and easy to play in all positions. You also don't have to fear over or under-cut nut slots with this design. The guitar is just so easy to play. Another innovation is the Stepped-Binding. This is a Jesselli only design. As with everything on this instrument, this is a very labor intensive method. The nut width is 1 11/16". On most instruments you lose about a 16th of an inch on both sides of the board, due to having to round the edges of the frets. Jesselli's frets are able to be played the entire width of the board and then his proprietary stepped binding is added to the sides to widen the feel just a hair, for an extremely comfortable playing experience. (See detailed shots) Another new feature on this one of a kind instrument are the hand-carved "thumb locks". You can see these on the back of the headstock and at the heel of the guitar. When playing in first position your thumb locks in right behind the headstock, while playing towards the higher registers of the neck, your thumb locks into the heel, for easy access to the entire board, with extra support. It also looks just unbelievable. The heel inlay is made of ivory and buffalo horn. The truss-rod cover is made of whatussi horn and buffalo horn. You also have custom made strap pin surrounds of ivory and Macassar Ebony. The guitar comes with a handmade Jesselli leather strap that matches the pickup covers.
We love the look of the pickup covers and rings on this Jesselli. The covers are made of English Kip leather stained a beautiful light-brown hue, while the rings are made of Italian tortoise celluloid. They are hand beveled and pop against the lively amber Maple top. All screws on the guitar are hex screws, giving a classy appearance throughout. A set of tools to adjust all screws on this guitar are in the case. This is only the second Jesselli to feature his new 4 plus 2 headstock design. The first being a solid-body we sold in 2020.
Now to talk the tone of this rare heirloom quality guitar. The pickups on all brand new Jesselli's are wound to Joe's unique specs, by renowned pickup winder Pete Biltoft of Vintage Vibe Guitars. These pickups are Jesselli's high fidelity, low-noise Single Coils. They are matched to the acoustic tone of the instrument. The guitar acoustically rings with piano-like sustain and harmonics as well as ghostly artifacts, found in no other instruments we've ever experienced. All of the acoustic properties are heard in spades with this set. These are unlike most Single Coil pickups out there. They are attached to a 6-way switch and push-pull pot. The first three positions utilize 42 gauge wire and A5 magnets, giving a fat, lively and crystalline tone clean that can push an amp easily if so desired. When on the other side of the 6-way toggle; 44 gauge wire (like a Dearmond Dynasonic) is introduced to the pickup; now incorporating both 42 and 44 gauge wire, for a warmer more tamed tone. The tone control is a very useable low pass filter all the way down to zero on the dial. When pulled upward it is a passive Mid-Boost circuit, great for fattening up your tone, especially in the neck position or when using gain or overdriving a tube amp.
All in all, if you are looking for a guitar from this legendary Master Luthier, don't pass this one up. Only so many Jesselli's are built a year, due to the high-level of attention to detail, fully handmade construction and highly intensive, uncompromised old-world build-quality. You can't go wrong with any new Jesselli, however this one just has that extra bit of "IT".
Body: 3-Piece 1/4" Sawn Rock Maple, Highly Figured. (Wood is at least 50 years of age & is of the highest quality) Construction: Fully Hollow and Carved.
Neck: 1/4” Sawn East Coast Rock Maple (Flame Figure) Carvings at the headstock & heel
1 11/16” Nut width.
Scale length: 25 1/2”
Neck Profile: Open C w/ specialized edges
.82” @ 1st fret .94” @ 12th fret
Radius: 8”-16” Compound Radius
Stepped Binding (Macassar Ebony)
Fingerboard: Macassar Ebony
Frets: Silicon Bronze w/ zero fret/ fret nut system
Fingerboard Inlays: Multi-Piece Mastodon Ivory
Headstock: 4 + 2 tuner design w/ Inlaid Jesselli logo in Ivory
Truss Rod Cover: Watussi & Water Buffalo Horn combination
Tuners: Hipshot Open-Gear tuners. Brass, W/ Nickel Plated handmade buttons. Plated by Joseph Jesselli.
Body details:
Bridge Macassar Ebony w/ hand intonated ivory saddles
Tailpiece: Nickel Plated Brass middle section w/ Macassar Ebony sides
Knobs: Macassar Ebony w/ ivory inlays
Strap locks on each end. Bottom lock has Macassar base to hold strap lock at proper angle, top has Ivory base
Pickups & Electronics: Vintage Vibe Pickups, hand-wound Single Coils. Pickups designed by Joseph Jesselli. 42 & 44 gauge wire mix, A5 magnets.
6-way toggle switch w/ hand carved ivory switch-tip.
1st pos: Bridge pickup, 42 gauge wire
2nd pos: Bridge & Neck in parallel, 42 gauge wire
3rd pos: Neck pickup, 42 gauge wire
4th position: Bridge pickup, 42 & 44 gauge wire
5th position: Bridge & Neck, 42 & 44 gauge wire
6th position: Neck pickup, 42 & 44 gauge wire
Included: Handmade English Kip Leather Strap, Ameritage Gold-Line fitted HSC W/ built in humidifier & dehumidifier.
Body Finish: Light Nitro Gloss lacquer
Neck Finish: Light Gloss Nitro lacquer
Weight: 7lbs 4.8oz

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