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Kd / Phen Chabby / 2014 / Acrylic Matt / Bass

KD, Phen "Chabby", 4-string, made under serial number #001. The first bass I made which I kept for exhibitions and demo videos.
 I was looking for an extraordinary vision, which can both keep the specific sound character of the wood and make you feel that you are holding in your hands something that came out from another world. Achieving such a difficult outcome turned out to be a serious adventure. So I asked my friend Jeff Stratton to join the project. He enthusiastically accepted the idea we are!
 I must mention two very important things:
- the body shape is 10mm wider and 20mm longer (5-string size) in order to keep the bass ballanced, and to avoid neck diving;
- no chemicals or fire/burning techniques were used during the treatment of the body surface in order to avoid damage the wood itself or a change of its properties.
 Body: Air dried (5 years) Bulgarian Alder, 2 pieces, handcarved, aged and special color hand-treatment
 Neck: Air dried Balkan flamed Maple, 3 pieces
  • 11" inches fingerboard radius
  • 34" inches scale
  • 20mm (0.787") thickness at the 1-st fret
  • 22mm (0.866") thickness at the 12-th fret
  • 40mm (1.574") width at the nut
  • matching headstock
  • 24 medium Jumbo frets
  • inner natural binding
 Fingerboard: Indian Rosewood; 
 Construction: Bolt-on, 4 screws
 Tuners: KD
 Bridge: Individual, 20mm spacing
 Pickups: Wilkinson JB, AlNiCo V, open poles
 Nut: Ebony
 Finish: Acrylic matt
 Strap pins: Standard
 Hardware: Chrome
 Elecronics, controls: 
  1. Mini toggle switch - Active/Passive mode.
  2. Mini toggle switch - Switches both pick-ups in series/parallel.
  3. TONE/TREBLE EQ. NOTE! This pot works both in Passive and Active mode.
  4. BASS EQ
  5. Master VOLUME bridge pickup.
  6. Master VOLUME neck pickup.
 Weight: 3,460kg
 The 2- band EQ - KD preamp, 9V, works as Cut/Boost.
  "Thumb nest" is a very special feature, which I invented in 2011. I usually make a small wood carving on a certain place on the back side of the headstock, somewhere between the tuners, which is some kind of KD's trade mark. This time I decided to make something completely different. I turned the decorative element to a very useful and helpful feature, which I called a Thumb nest.

I meet musicians every day and all of them have their own biological individualities. Like the lenght of the fingers, the way they hold the neck while playing - due to these specifics for some musician playing can represent a serious difficulty. So I decided to do something in order to find out a solution of the problem.

Then I came up with the Thumb nest idea. It took me some time experimenting on it, but the outcome was more than successful! It provides an incredibly easy access to the first frets, making the hand flow on the neck and unleashes a great freedom while playing. And the most important thing - makes the musicians Happy!

 Stainless steel electronic box cover plate.

Copper shielding protects the entire electronic box and pick ups.
We accept custom orders! 
 The bass comes with:
- Gigbag;
Certificate Of Authenticity;
- Set of two KD cleaning towels:

We pay very special attention to how we prepare our instruments for shipping. We use 5-layer cardbox, the instrument is wrapped with stretch foil (all over the gig bag or the hard case), plus Air foil above. We insulate the entire interior of the cardbox with 1.574 inches thick foam (4mm) - all sides. The safest possible combination of packaging materials!

For shipping within EU we use DPD. Delivery takes 5-7 working days.
For shipping to the rest of the world we use EMS. It takes 10 working days delivery to the US. To other destinations time for the delivery vary from 5 to 12 working days.
Instrument sold

KD, Bulgaria  

Contact name:
Kostadin Dimitrov
English, Bulgarian
Opening hours:

"KD Guitars speak your music!"


I see you have found your way to my VnR shop, which tells me that we share a passion for music and for hand-crafted boutique guitars and basses.

Let me tell you a bit about myself and my instruments.

I have been making electric guitars and basses in limited series for more than twenty years. I do this only by hand. I do not use a CNC router and I believe that this adds to the uniqueness of my instruments. Each guitar and bass is made with extreme care and love in contrast to mass produced instruments. Because of this, I am able to breathe life and character into each guitar I make and each one is individual and distinctive from the others. Diligence and care go into the crafting of each individual instrument and they are all backed by a lifetime warranty.

The fundamental factor owing to the quality of KD guitars is the special selection of the wood I use. Most of it is local to Bulgaria and I gather it myself. Before using the wood, I dry and season it for a minimum of five years. It is proven that the natural drying of wood rids it of stresses/inner pressure and guarantees a high quality instrument. I do not use artificially dried wood - except in cases when the customer wishes to use a wood that is found on a different continent or in a different geographical region. In these situations I buy wood only from licensed dealers of tonewood.

An interesting fact is that the wood varieties considered to be the ultimate tonewood grow right here in the Balkans. Due to the specific climatic features of this region, wood such as Alder, Spruce and Balkan Maple acquire different structures and mechanical properties in contrast to the same species of wood grown in other parts of the world. It is precisely these differences that give my guitars and basses their unique appearance and sound.

Legend says that Stradivari collected the wood for his legendary violins from the Rhodope Mountains, a mountain range in Bulgaria, where I live. As a luthier, I feel privileged to live in Bulgaria and to have the opportunity to use this unique gift of nature by investing it in my own production of guitars.

For some of my more elaborate guitars and basses, I use hardware and electronics that I also make myself. In most cases, however, I use quality products made by proven brands and producers like Gottoh, Bare Knuckle, Haeussel, Hipshot, Schaller, etc.

Regarding the design of my instruments, I try to follow a line that significantly differentiates them from the looks of the more popular mass-produced models. The feedback I receive from my customers tells me that I am doing quite well in this endeavour. In addition to crafting my instruments traditionally by hand and holding to the unique appearance and character of each one, I also enjoy experimenting with new materials and technologies. For years I have been experimenting with stabilized wood and to date I’ve got a few successful projects made with it. Stabilized wood is extremely useful to musicians who often travel in and out of wet and dry climates.

Besides the instruments I have in stock, which are ready for purchase, I also welcome special orders. If you are looking for a custom-made guitar or bass, feel free to contact me so that we can discuss your options, desired materials, construction and all other details that are important to you.

If you would like to get in touch with me regarding an instrument already in stock or with any questions regarding what you have read here . . . or if you’d just like to say hello, you may do so the following ways: 
-Send me a message here: 
-Follow me on Facebook 
-Follow me on Instagram 
-Use the contact form on my website

For shipping within EU we use DPD shipping company. Time for delivery - 5-7 working days.

For US clients we use EMS or Bulgarian National Postal Services, time for delivery varies from 10 working days to 21 working days.

For any further information, please send me PM, e-mail or contact me on the phone (it is written in my website) 

  Send message to: KD, Bulgaria
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