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The "OCTAVELLA - upper octave feedback fuzz" (OC) is an upper octave fuzz pedal which creates fuzzy harmonic upper octave sound.

Characterized by "screaky" metallic tone.
The "OC" can feedback the upper octave sound internally to get a feedback sound.

Also it can create a self oscillating sound.

Lastgasp Art Laboratories, Australia  

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Hirofumi Uchino
Lastgasp Art Laboratories
English & Japanese
Handmade pedals
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Originally our pedals/instruments were created for noise musician. The concept is still active and it might be cause of bad handling. But many "musician" enjoy the products, even major artists use those. And we believe they could make something different sounds with (sometimes "without") any kind of instruments. 

Our products are built by hand include circuit boards, case machining, painting, silk screening and assembling. 


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