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The Soldato represents the classic single cut-away body style which is known for its fuller, bigger tone and its characteristic sonic properties. In Italian, Soldato means "soldier" and that's exactly what this guitar is--a trustworthy, reliable instrument for any professional musician performing either inside the studio or on the stage. This guitar has what it takes to bring your performances alive.

Lipe Guitars are high end boutique guitars that are hand made one at a time by Mike Lipe himself. Mike's guitars are recognized by their stunning appearance, musical tone, and effortless playability. Each guitar's wood is selected based on moisture content, stability, and acoustic properties personally selected by Mike. The finest materials and highest standards of craftsmanship are used to bring you the best instrument imaginable.

These guitars are designed to last a lifetime and inspire the best of the player's creativity. In today's digital age, CNC operated machines have taken over, replacing the art form of guitar-building with a mass production guitar cloning process. Lipe guitars are one of the last representatives of a dying breed proudly caring the flag of genuine old school craftsmanship where guitars have individual soul and personality that can't be duplicated exactly the same.


Base Specs



Body Top

All Alder

Mango, Quilted Maple, Spalted Maple, Koa, Redwood, Walnut, Curly Maple

Body Wood


Equatorial Mahogany, Genuine Mahogany, Spalted Alder, Swamp Ash, Korina

Body Type

Solid Body With Bent Top

Carved Top

Chambered Body


Chambered Hollow Body, Chambered Hollow Body With F Holes

Electronics Route

Rear Route

Call For Special Request

Neck Heel Type

Sculpted Double Cut Away

Call For Special Request

Finish Color

Pat Wilkins Color Chart

Pamelina Custom, Call For Special Request


Polyester, Oil, Satin

Call For Special Request



Call For Special Request

Pickup Configuration

S-S-S, S-S-H, S-H, Hum-Hum




Call For Special Request



Call For Special Request

Neck Wood

1/4 Sawn Hard Rock Maple

1/4 Sawn Roasted Maple, Roasted Curly Maple, Roasted Birdseye Maple, 1/4 Sawn Equatorial Mahogany, 1/4 Sawn Korina, 4-5 Grade A

Neck Finish

Satin, Gloss, Painted

Call For Special Request


Matches Body Top

Call For Special Request

Fingerboard / Fretboard

Indian Rosewood, Pao Ferro

Ebony, Maple, Coco Bollo

Neck Shape

C, D, V, Soft V

Call For Special Request


25.5", 25”, 24.5”

Call For Special Request

Fret Count





Call For Special Request

Fret Wire

Jascar – Small, Medium, Jumbo


Fretmarkers (Dots)

Abalone, Mother of Pearl, Turquoise

Call For Special Request


Graph Tech, Bone

Call For Special Request

Nut Width

1 5/8, 1 11/16, 1 3/4

Call For Special Request

Headstock Angle


Call For Special Request

Truss Rod

Bruce Johnson 2 Way

Call For Special Request


Hipshot Locking or Non Locking

Call For Special Request


6 Inline

Call For Special Request

Bridge Type

Hipshot Tremolo or Non Tremolo, Lipe Custom Tele, Tune-O-Matic

Floyd Rose

Strap Buttons


Call For Special Request

Volume Controls


Call For Special Request

Tone Controls


Call For Special Request



Call For Special Request

Pickup Selector

3 Way, 5 Way, Super 5 Way

Call For Special Request



Black, Gold

Carrying Case

Gig Bag

G&G Hard Shell Case


5 Years To Original Owner


Call for price

Lipe Guitars, USA  

Contact name:
Michael Lipe
Mike Lipe Guitars
Handmade guitars and basses
Opening hours:
By appointment.

Welcome to Lipe Guitars

Hi, My name is Mike Lipe. I build hand made, custom electric guitars and basses in a small shop in Sun Valley, California. I´ve been building instruments for over 28 years. In that time I have, while working in the custom shops of several major guitar companies, built guitars from some of the top names in the music business. About six years ago, I decided to set out on my own and build guitars under my own name.

Lead guitarists Mark Karan of Rat Dog along with leader Bob Weir formally Grateful Dead, is playing the Lipe Twisted Saldato. Check photos on my own web site on the credits page.

Jimmy Vavino can often be seen playing a Lipe guitar on Late Night with Conan O´Brian, and I´ve just delivered a left handed jazz style guitar to blues great Coco Montoya.

My guitars

So now let me tell you a little about my guitars. I make models ranging from semi-hollow, jazz style guitars, to solid body rock, country or blues guitars. The solid body guitars and basses are chambered for a varmer resonance and lighter weight. A variety of simple to exotic hardwoods are available for your personal taste. All of the bodies are hand shaped and can be made with or without binding. Carved tops are also available on many models.

The necks all include a Bruce Johnson designed single truss rod and are hand shaped by myself. The thickness of the necks and the radius of the fret board are up to you.

The headstocks are made at a seven degree angle on the solid body guitars, and an eleven degree angle on the hollow bodies as opposed to a flat "slab" style headstock. This eliminates the need for string trees and seats the strings more firmly in the nut. This allows a more even tone across all the strings.

Although I have my favorite components such as pick-ups, tuners, bridges etc...these can be varied to suit your personal tase. If you have and idea for a one of a kind guitar from mild to wild, entirely custom prototypes can also be built. The only limits is your imagination.

So give me a call and well talk guitars or basses. Isn´t it time you got exactly the instrument you´ve dreamed about? You deserve it.

Sincerely ... Mike Lipe.



Mike Lipe is one of the most respected names on the Los Angeles music scene. He has been playing guitar for over 36 years, and has had more than 25 years of experience building and customizing guitars for some of the biggest names in music.

Starting in the mid 70´s, working in a music store, Mike learned the demanding craft of woodworking and finishing from an old violin maker. After eight years at the music store Mike left to work for guitar manufacturer "MIGHTY MITE". In 1983 Mike went into business for himself and became L.A.´s original "Guitar Doctor". After six years of building and customizing guitars for some of L.A.´s most respected musicians, Mike´s business was purchased by IBANEZ in 1989. At IBANEZ Mike helped to create a custom guitar shop on the West Coast where he was a master builder of fine guitars for IBANEZ endorsers throughout the the United States. After leaving IBANEZ, Mike went to YAMAHA. Here he worked on the assembly and quality control of the PACIFICA line of guitars for two years.

Mike worked for HOFNER (known as music group), FENDER warranty service center for World Music in Santa Clarita CA and is on his own as LIPE GUITARS U.S.A. Is now doing warranty service in the USA for ZEMAITIS GUITARS.

Custom modifications available for Zemaitis through Mike.

Guitars that are hand built, by a master.

( prices are subject to change / 50% deposit required to start) PAYPAL READY add 3%!

Please go to my webpage and see order form.

  Send message to: Lipe Guitars, USA
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