Lukalele / Concert / 2021 / Osmo Oil/Natural / Stringed Instrument

Yin and yang pair of concert ukuleles

These ukuleles are a father/daughter collaboration.

One is made from European maple (top, back, sides and neck) with fingerboard, bridge and inlays in 5000 year-old bog oak.

The other is made from 5000 year-old bog oak (top, back, sides and neck) with fingerboard, bridge and inlays in European maple. 

The ukuleles are finished in Osmo oil and have Graphtech geared graphite tuners with a 6:1 ratio. Each comes with a hard case. 

The design was conceived by Rose Lucas and she designed and carried out all the inlay work. The ukes were otherwise constructed by Adrian Lucas.

We have now sold the bog oak uke so only the maple one is available.




Instrument sold

A J Lucas Luthier, UK  

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Adrian Lucas
A J Lucas Guitars
Hand made guitars: Steel string acoustic, electric guitar and basses, classical, mandolins.
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By appointment

I believe passionately in the connection between player and instrument. The guitar should not be a barrier between the musician and their music and so I builds tactile guitars that one can feel a visceral connection with. As much as possible I use reclaimed and local woods without compromising the quality of the instruments. I was originally trained in architecture and my work is informed by a sense of form and structure.

I build mainly steel string flat-top, electric and classical guitars to my own designs but also make mandolin family instruments and ukuleles.

All A.J.Lucas instruments are guaranteed to be free from defects in materials and workmanship. This guarantee applies only to the original purchaser of the instrument for as long as he or she owns it during my lifetime.If at any time an A.J. Lucas guitar malfunctions as a result of faulty materials or workmanship, I will repair or replace the instrument at my sole option. 
The following conditions are specifically excluded from and may void the guarantee:•Any unauthorized modifications or alterations made to the guitar. •Any damage caused by misuse, negligence, accident, improper use or unauthorized repair. •Damage caused by extremes of temperature or humidity. •Normal wear and tear, tonal characteristics, worn frets, worn tuning machines, or finish damage caused by extreme cold or contact with plastics or solvents. •Electronic components and hardware carry the warranties of their respective manufacturers.

Payment must be cleared before the instrument can be delivered.

Shipping and associated insurance will be at the buyers expense.


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