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Smooth Operator is a humbucker vith a true vintagecharacter. This pickup has medium output, the treble is warmer compared with the standard vintage model. The midrange is full and literally dripping of tone ready to jump into your amp. The Smooth Operator is built around an Alnico 2 magnet of the vintage correct " PAF-lenght" of 63,5 mm. Since Alnico 2 has a softer magnetic field than the more frequenly used Alnico 5, it lets your strings vibrate more freely and you will get more sustain. It is wound with the darkbrown Plain Enamel wire for right sound and look.(not shown in picture) The overall tone is smoother with less sharp edges and your instruments natural wooden tone shines through. This pickup has been made for some of my most demanding customers for some time. Now it can be made for you as bridge or neck model, or as a calibrated set of two.

Price Euro 140€ Each Including VAT

Lundgren guitar pickups, Sweden  

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Welcome to our shop-page here on Vintage and Rare.

We at Lundgren guitar pickups has good experience of foreign customers. We have sold pickups to pleased customers in Germany-Deutschland, USA, Australia, Finland, Denmark, France, Switzerland, Nederlands, Canada, Spain, Portugal, Great Britain, Ireland, Greece, Estonia, Hungary, Scotland, Brazil, South Africa, Bahrain, Norway, Singapore and Japan.
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USA Customers
USA customers must go through Conklinguitars.  Contact Mike Apperson, he will help you.
We will give you the total sum of pickups and shipping. Expect 1-2 weeks delivery for new pickups.

The Postage is not included in the pickup price. Contact us for shippingcharges.
EU customers pays pickups including VAT.
Exportcustomers outside The EU will not have to pay Swedish VAT.

We at Lundgren guitarpickups can also supply rewinding service. We try to repair old pickups if possible to keep the vintagewindings. We got magnetwire of right dimensions for your pickups. Johan is a specialist in  Fender, Gibson och Hofner pickups, he has been rewinding many of these.

We offer: Rewinding, Repairs, Magnetcharging and Cure squeling pickups.

When we magnetize your pickup we can also make it reversepolarityso it will be humcanceling when used together with a standardpickup.

The waxpotting is the cure to squeling pickups. The waxmixture penetrates the coil and prevents the copperwire to cause unwanted microfonics.

Rewinding including waxpotting singlecoil strat and other open pickups

Please call or email regarding ordering.

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