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MTD / 435 Swamp Ash [3.60kg] / 2000 / Bass

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MTD established by the legendary builder "Michael Tobias" in 1994
Since 1977, it has been very highly evaluated for both repair and production as Tobias Guitars.
Among the New York high -ends, the 35 -inch bolt -on is strong, and we are producing with the belief that the neck and body should be another wood to make an acoustic sound instrument.

This unit is 435 SWAMP ASH
A lightweight body with a total weight of 3.60kg is SWAMP ASH
Model with bolt -on of maple fingerboard/neck
The 35 -inch scale in the 4th string seems to be skeptical, but as expected, the rigidity of the neck should be called MTD, a well -balanced sound from the 1st to the 4th string, thanks to the 0th fret or e -string 5 frets and A. High sound quality that is hard to feel the difference in sound due to string release
The sound character is clear, and is different from characters such as FODERA and KEN SMITH, and has room to control the player.

The neck and electrical system have been adjusted well with our repairman.
The neck is straight, and the string height is set to 1.6mm to 1.2mm low action on 12F.
A little unusual MTD that suppresses the flashy appearance
The sound is more than the price.

Body: Swamp Ash
Neck: Maple
Fingerboard: Maple 21F
Scale: 35 "
Nut Width: 38mm
P.U: Custom Made by Bartolini
PRE-AMP: Custom Made by Bartolini
Control: VOL / BAL / 3band EQ / Mid FREQ
Weight: 3.60kg
W/Original Hard Case
* With 5 years adjustment guarantee
* All parts have been disassembled and cleaning

In charge: Naito

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