Macmull / The ‘Heartbreaker’ Custom Super Light / 2021 / Satin Black / Guitar For Sale

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Macmull The ‘heartbreaker’ Custom Super Light 2021 Satin Black
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Macmull guitars are completely handmade by a duo of passionate and talented luthiers who stop at nothing to produce the most exquisite (both visually and audibly) guitars possible. Each and every guitar Macmull produce is unique, due to their RVT (Real Vintage Tone) approach, which is an extensive process of matching the neck and body wood, hand-voicing each individual pickup to showcase the true nature of the guitar, and selecting the best electronic components to compliment each instrument.

The results quite frankly are astounding; delivering guitars with resonance, definition, and incredible balance and string clarity.

the Heartbreaker is the guitar that has already made Macmull one of the most desirable and sought after guitar brands in the world with discerning musicians. Spending years literally dissecting vintage Telecaster guitars and piecing together all the aspects that gave them their best and most distinctive tone the Macmull team developed the Heartbreaker with only one thought in mind - bring the finest vintage Telecaster tone to us by using hand selected woods, individually designed and perfected parts until the most perfect vintage tone guitars mixed with modern proprietary techniques was imagined.

the result was a guitar that became known as the Heartbreaker as everyone who got to play it see one at NAMM shows and the like were so sad to let it go. The only option was to try and get on the almost impenetrable waiting list on the Macmull site, pay the deposit and literally just wait. And wait.

Its not because these guys are slow, far from it we’re yet to find a more hard working team of luthiers, often found at the luthier bench into the early hours perfecting each aspect of the guitars. But perfection and every aspect being hand built and tested means only a small number of guitars ever become available (a quick visit to confirms that there are precisely zero available models right now!) This means also that when one pops up on reverb or with a private seller it is already at a premium to the original price; rarity and desirability had this effect!


so what a treat and honour it has been for us to be selected to be one of Macmulls small group of chosen representatives. We actually have the largest array of their guitars in any one place globally right now, covering all the different models and varieties.


Macmull Guitars are available exclusively for the Middle East through Art of Guitar and we are very proud to be able to showcase instruments of such outstanding quality and tonal performance. Get down to Art of Guitar today to see this amazing guitar for yourself or avail yourself of our Middle East and Global shipping options today whilst this is still in stock. We can say hand on heart that once this has gone it’s going to be nigh on impossible to replace!

Comes with a unique hand made Macmull Custom case and leather strap


  • Orientation: Right Handed
  • Weight: Light: Superlight: 3.18kg / 7.01lbs
  • Body Material: Alder
  • Neck Material: One Piece Premium Maple
  • Fingerboard Material: Madagascar Rosewood
  • Pickguard: 5ply Black (B/C/B/C/B)
  • Neck Profile: Macmull Oval C (20.6mm, 1st fret - 24mm 12th fret)
  • Neck Width: Standard Spacing: Nut width 42mm, 21th fret 55.6mm
  • Fingerboard Radius: 9.5"
  • Fret Wire: Jescar 55090 (Dunlop 6105 spec)
  • Top Finish: Black
  • Back/Sides Finish: Black
  • Headstock Finish: Black Headstock / Gold Silkscreen Logo
  • Aging: NOS (aged)
  • Pickup Configuration: Macmull RVT P90 set
  • Bridge: Half Heartbreaker Bridge
  • Neckplate Engraving: Standard Macmull Engraving
  • Strings: D'addario XL .10
  • Case: Custom Macmull Hard Case (G&G)

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Art of Guitar, the largest retailer of Fine, Rare and Vintage guitars is undoubtedly the premier guitar store in the Middle East - boasting an unrivalled collection of rare and vintage guitars, amplifiers, pedals and vintage and modern Guitar Art. Located in the heart of Dubai's Art District, our expert consultants will help you discover your dream guitar in a unique and inviting, specially configured, environment. 


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