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Mad Professor / MP101 / 2010's / Let Us Know! / Amp For Sale

Mad Professor Amplification will present a new amplifier head for 2009, the mighty MP101. The Finnish company that has brought us the world famous Mad Professor pedals has come up with a new two channel 101 watt (that is one more!) all tube amplifier. The layout is straight forward: one input, two gains and two master volumes and both channels share the same tuned tone controls. MP101 is designed for very easy set up, the classic tone stack with Bass, Middle, Treble and Presence knobs let you easily dial the tones you want, from country to metal. First channel is very dynamic with a lot of headroom and detail. There is a nice British Class-A type compression build into the preamp of the first channel, so you don’t need to crank the power-amp up to get that tone. Even with the compression you get very fast clean tone or great dynamic crunch into touch responsive old school distortion. The second channel will take off from there and you are able to get more gain and more compression and a tone that is voiced to suit heavier distortion with great note separation and detail. You can also dial another different clean tone from this channel if you prefer. The two channels are carefully balanced to give you the best cleans and distorted tones that are matched together. You just need to adjust one set of tone controls and the channels are in harmony. The MP101 was designed for great tones on all volume levels. This amp is as much home in small clubs or huge arenas and you will never run out of the power or tone. Like with all Mad Professor products we spend a lot of time adjusting the high-end response. Even heavy distortion is not piecing or shrill but still with great detail and clarity. The low-end stays always tight and solid giving foundation to your tone, be it super clean or heavy. Easy to setup and easy to play, the new Mad Professor MP101 amp is simple yet versatile amplifier with lot of power reserve. Classis looks with modern high-end tube circuitry to serve the art of guitar playing. MP 101 specs: The signal path in MP101 is all tube and the channels are set up via relays connected to the channel switcher. Tubes are EL34 but any octal power tube work that can handle 500V's (KT66, 6L6, 6550...) Power output 101 Watt Speaker outputs 4,8,16 Ohms Effects loop series type connected after Master volumes Sensitivity in Receive jack 1V Output from Send jack max 2,5V at 100K output impedance Input jack sensitivity 1mV Tubes: 4 x EL34, 5 x ECC83/12AX7

Listen to this amp on jazz tone with a Telecaster


Price: €3200,- (€2623,- Euro VAT 0%)

Retail prices are examples, these are scandinavian prices with 22% VAT.

The prices might vary on the different markets


Mad Professor Amplification Ltd., Finland  

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Harri Koski
Mad Professor Amplification
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Bjorn Juhl, Guitarist, designer, amp wizard and pedal guru. Bjorn is a modern day electronic wizard that is fast gaining reputation with his original designs in pedals and amplifier.
He has earned his nick name “Mad Professor" with his know-it-all knowledge about tube and analog electronics and his “innovate, not imitate attitude.

Bjorn Juhl has what it takes to become an icon: perfect ear, great skills in guitar playing and unsurpassed knowledge in electronics.

Bjorn has played and recorded as a semipro in various bands like powerpop with The Renegades and blues with many bands (including TC Travis Band), heavy metal, punk in Sex Pistols cover band and now he is playing and recording original music with The Bradshaws plugging his heavily modified Les Paul or Flying V to bunch of BJF pedals.

Mad Professor Amplification Ltd, Production Manager

Jukka Mönkkönen: Guitarist, amp tech, the Lord of the Soldering iron, Jukka has been playing as a semi pro guitarist for few century’s. A true Gibson devotee, likes to plug his 1959 Les Paul Special or one of his many other Gibson to his 007 (“Licence To Play") Mad Professor and fill the air with thundering licks. Jukka has an electrical engineer degree and has been fixing and building amps from early 80´s. Jukka has been with the Mad Professor from the beginning, building the first prototype. Jukka also helped designing the layout and the chassis.

Mad Professor Amplification Ltd, Marketing and management

Harri Koski: Guitarist, marketing, cordinating the production, helping hand.

Harri has been playing guitar since mid 70´s and his serious hobby turned into a business when he started Custom-Sounds ( in 1996. Custom-Sounds was a high-end guitar gear company from the beginning and it was one of the first “boutique" guitar shops on internet. His co-operation with Bjorn Juhl started the BJF pedals business and soon these two soul brothers were talking about the ultimate amplifier. Bjorn Juhl and Harri had the mad idea about designing the ultimate guitar tube amplifier and to make it right here in Scandinavia. Bjorn put on his propel-hat and Harri put all his energy and money into this project. Soon we found the right people to work with us and the world got a brand new amplifier that was not a clone of any vintage amp as these modern hand-wired amps often are. Harri has a collection of various Gibson guitars and early JV Squier Fenders and plugs these into his serial no: 000 Mad Professor prototype head that is played loud almost every day.


Tapani Santanen: Guitarist, industrial designer, interior architect SIO.

Tapani has been plying guitar for over 20 years and likes the classic guitars and amps and we believe he has designed a future classic in the Mad Professor amp. Tapani is a Fender man, his tone is a vintage Strat or a Tele into one of his vintage Fender combos with a little help from a TS-808.


Erkki and Iiris Mero, Erkki used to work as professional Bassplayer, he now has a Masters degree in upholstery. It takes the incredible craft of Mero couple to make the beautiful two color upholster of the Mad Professor. Mero’s has upholstered many classic cars in Finland but their pet project is the unbelievable 1969 Waxenberger Mercedes-Benz 300SEL 6.3 racer clone they own.

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