Malmberg / Standard Tattoo Limited Edition / Pantera Grey Metallic / Guitar For Sale

Malmberg Standard Tattoo. LIMITED EDITION Pantera. New.

Pantera Grey Metallic.
This special color matches Mr. Göran Malmberg's famous DeTomaso Pantera racing car!!

Special "white lady with necklace" knobs. Special open back matching tuning knobs.

Double Black Giovanni Custom GCH-2 pickups: alnico 5 magnets with heavy formvar coil:
heavy output, warmer, fatter, heavier sound.

DC resistance: neck 9,6 k and bridge 15,0 k.
Very limited supply.

TIP TOP Musik -Guitar Players Heaven-since 1987!, Sweden  

Contact name:
Björn Clern
Gibson, Fender, Levin, Malmberg, Clern, National
English, Swedish
Vintage Guitars, Vintage Amps + NEW nice stuff : Malmberg, Clern, Eastman, National Resophonic
Opening hours:
Open: Tuesday-Friday 1pm-6pm, Saturdays noon -3pm. Sun-Mon closed.
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