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Marble / LTD / 2021 / Lacquered Tweed / Amp For Sale

Marble LTD

The Marble LTD is a new development based on the all-time classic 5E3 design. The LTD is a very versatile but at the same time simple amplifier which makes it very suitable for small gigs and studio use.  the built in “Power Soaker” makes recording with the LTD easy and big fun! The LTD is a 15W, two channel tube amp where each channel has high and low inputs and a separate volume control. Both channels share a single tone control that operates in the normal channel as a treble bleed off control and in the bright channel as a treble boost control. Both channels can also be bridged to create more complex tones.  It is easy to dial in the desired level of twang or crunch at the volume that you need for gigging or recording by tweaking the volume and tone and the power soak knob in the back of the cab.

Improvements on the  Classic 5E3 design

Compared to the stock 5E3 amp the LTD has an improved circuitry in true Marble style, to tackle the basic problems that are common in many amps that are modelled on the 5E3 design. The power amp has been improved to reduce the nasty 50 cycle hum from the power supply to a minimum. This is no big deal in a live situation but ideal in a studio environment. These improvements are very delicate because we did not want to change the smooth tone and responsive feel of the 5E3 design, while still reducing hum effectively.

The so called Cathodyne Phase Inverter circuitry has been updated to prevent coupling capacitor clamping, a phenomenon that occurs in most cathodyne circuits. It makes an amp sound really dirty after heating up in hi-gain settings. The LTD can be pushed to the limit without clamping and still has the same feel and drive like the original models.

The LTD is  fitted with a so-called ‘Bass Depth’ control. When played in more cleaner settings the desired full low end is there. With high gain settings this would make an amp sound muddy and dirty. The Bass Depth control cures this problem, by gradually making the bottom end sound tight and strong. The Weber special design ‘horse shoe’ Alnico 12A125S is driven by our Power Soaker attenuator that easily reduces the signal output if so desired. This is very convenient in the studio or for practicing purposes at home.

The Marble LTD amp is a great performer, either clean or with an edge, all the way up to higher gain settings. The LTD is ready to rock !


  • Full Tube Tweed amplifier with built-in power soak
  • 4 inputs (2 per channel), Volume Normal, Volume Bright, Tone, Bass Depth, Power Soaker, Standby and On/Off Switch
  • Weber 12A125S Alnico Loudspeaker
  • PRICE: 1749,– Euro
  • Pre-amp: 1x 12AY7
  • Power-amp: 1x 12AX7, 2x 6V6 (5881 optional)
  • Rectifier: 1x  5Y3GT (5U4GB optional)
  • Output: 15 Watts (5Y3GT) or 20 Watts (5U4GB)

In Stock ! with Weber Alnico Speaker !

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