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Marshall / 2245 THW JTM 45 Custom Shop Handwired Head / 2015 / Black Tolex / Amp

Marshall 2245 THW JTM 45 Handwired Head

Diese Head wurde nur in kleiner Stückzahl hergestellt und ist schon jetzt ein Sammlerteil ! 

Features & Specs

Allgemeine Informationen

The full-tube Marshall 2245THW is a hand-soldered reissue of the extremely rare Bluesbreaker, the guitar amplifier that started it all back in 1962. As you may expect, the specifications of this amp head are identical to those of the 1962HW Bluesbreaker combo - with the exception of speakers, of course. Inside is a circuit that consists of four ECC83 preamp tubes, two KT66 power tubes and a GZ34 rectifier tube.

Marshall 2245THW: authentic-sounding channels

The characteristic compression in the power stage and the clean sustain of the Bluesbreaker is due to the GZ34 rectifier tube. Marshall used point-to-point strip boards with original gauges and hole distances, Drake transformers and a tube-driven tremolo, to make the 2245THW sound as authentic as possible. Like the original, this amp head has a lo and hi inputs per channel that you can loop with a short cable to combine the sound of both channels.

About the Handwired series

Marshall's Handwired-series amplifiers were made to be as authentic as possible, both in look and tone. To re-create the look, feel and tone of the highly coveted original models, Marshall's team of engineers did what they could to find and/or reproduce original components and materials, while revising the original construction methods to comply with modern safety standards. Down from the hand-wired strip board circuits up to the specially made Drake transformers.

Neuzustand !

Instrument sold

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