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Mayson / M9 SCE M-9 / 2014 / Natural / Guitar For Sale

The Mayson M9 is one of Mayson's most beautiful creations. This
all handmade guitar features a beautiful European Solid spruce
top, ebony fingerboard with back and sides made from special
'Santos' rosewood.

Using these carefully selected tonewoods, the M9s follows
specific, advanced production technologies ensuring that the
highest level of acoustic response and consistent playbility is
achieved. Near mint condition with original deluxe gigbag

body style : Mayson Marquis shape
top wood : Solid European Engelmann spruce
back and sides wood : Santos rosewood
neck wood : mahogany
fingerboard wood : ebony with MOP dots
bridge wood : ebony
top finish : glossy
neck finish : glossy
pickguard : transparent
machine heads : nickel 372-AS
saddle and nut : bone
truss rod : double action
scale length : 645mm
body length : 495mm
body width : 395mm
body depth : 112mm
top nut width : 45mm
pickup: Mayson Purecoustic with soundhole volume control

Spaghettivintage, Italy  

Contact name:
Luigi Mitola
Fender, Gibson, Gretsch, Guild, Martin, Marshall, Vox
Vintage and Used Guitars, Amps and Accessories
Opening hours:

The idea of dealing only with used, vintage and collectable comes simply from the fact that the guitars are made of … wood!

It seems obvious, but it is not…inside these words there’s a world of emotions, music and notes.

Both musicians and collectors will agree with me that in your life you have had exceptional guitars, poor, ordinary, maybe some very similar, but NEVER identical to another.

Then if an instrument is 20 or more years old is even better: playing guitars that have developed personality and tone over the years is priceless and can lead to addiction…

The history of each instrument, the various owners, and even the way and the places it has been played help to form its absolutely OWN sound; try to start playing a good old Martin, Gibson, Guild, etc. .. and tell me if you can go back to an ordinary instrument without regrets ….

From this concept and the experience accumulated over years of working first as a professional musician, then as a fan and collector, I decided to dedicate myself to the selection of the best acoustic and electric instruments on the market and private collections, trying also to deal with a vintage “possible” and not only “collector”, unaffordable to most.

What leads me to buy an instrument rather than another is first of all its sound, the maturation of the woods, general conditions and genuineness, I have to be fascinated and inspired me first: in a few words it must have personality.

I think this is not just a job, is above all a passion, not only for guitars, but for music and art in general and I’d like to share this with as many people as possible, this is what I care most!

We Buy, Sell, Trade


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Bank Transfer


Consignment sale

Spaghettivintage also takes care of the customer’s withdrawal of instruments on consignment, ensuring a highly professional cleaning, reconditioning and setting,high definition photographs and advertising worldwide.

This service has a cost of 150 Euros and must be paid in advance by the customer even if the instrument is not sold, the duration of the contract is at most 1 year after delivery with the possibility of early termination at will of the parties.

It should be checked every 3-4 months, the sale price and possibly update it, of course, if the instrument remains unsold agrees to reduce its price.

If the instrument is sold the owner must pay the commission to Spaghettivintage,which includes shipping costs, fees for online payments etc.

Initial costs, reconditioning, selling price and advertising setting up a Commissionon Sales Ultimately, for those who do not want to pay the commission is an opportunity to request a guaranteed minimum sale price, Spaghettivintage considers whether the proposal is reasonable and resell the goods at his own price. In any case, the customer must pay the early 150 Euros.

  Send message to: Spaghettivintage, Italy
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