Melobar / Double Neck / Tele / Lap Steel / 2000 / Dark Blue / Guitar For Sale

We have a fantastic selection for you Sliders and Steelers! This Melobar is a rare double neck. The tele sounds great too! OSSC.

An knowledgeable customer emailed this to me:

I was the American that came in last Thursday with the little old lady. We talked for about an hour or so. 

I told you I would find out info on the Tele/Melobar doubleneck in your shop. You actually have a unique instrument there. According to Ted Smith, the luthier there were only about 25 of those made. At one point he says he only sold 17 total "Tel-O-Bars". One sold in 2014 on eBay (US) for about $2600 USD and it had a Squire body and neck. Yours is a regular Telecaster upper body, not a Squire. Here's the link:
if you go to his blog you can see his models including the one like yours. Here's the link:
He has a youtube video playing one of his Squire models with the Mexican Tele in the background:
So it looks like you have a rare instrument. 
I enjoyed your city so much that I must come back again, if only for the food and atmosphere of Roma. Thanks for your hospitality.
Ciao, Baby!
P.S. We also checked inside the pickups cavities and the neck pocket: it's all Fender stock! And to think i thought it was a phoney Fender label.
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Rome Vintage Guitars is located in beautiful Rome and is run by Leonello Bobò.

Buying a guitar through Internet is like getting married by mail. Problems tipically arise as soon as the loved one arrives. To avoid all this, hop on that low-cost flight, steal a car or get on a train and come to Rome, where all roads lead. Come to Trastevere, the very heart of it, your girlfriend will love it too . Buying takes money and research and testing, no shortcuts. Photos?  Hey, do you want to get married by mail?

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