Mosrite / The Ventures / 1966 / Sunburst / Guitar For Sale

This is a fine vintage instrument, 1966 Mosrite, the ventures, made in Bakersfield California.
The guitar has been restored and refinished by Master luthier Philippe Dubreuille in his London workshop to the original polyurethane 3 tone sunburst, everything it's original, pickups have been rewinded, with correct polarity,7.8k for neck position and 8.6k for bridge position, for warm p90 like tones. 
All other parts are original and in great conditions, very minimal wear, this guitar it's a vintage classic collector piece ready to rock some vibtage or modern tones out of it. 
Comes with original hard shell case, much used and very worn condition, could be a cool restoration project. A new hard shell case can provided instead if preferred.

N.B. Due to the nature of some wood parts of the instrument, for overseas purchases we will need to produce Cities certificates, which adds a waiting time usually around 30/40 days from the application.

T.P.Customs Guitars, UK  

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Tom Pugi
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Traditionally handcrafted guitars and restorations, finest instruments made in London N7 by Tuscan hands.

T.P.Customs Guitars

It's a concept that started in 2013.
For many years I have been researching, collecting and learning the history of guitars and makers, my passion extended in Italian design and the attention to details. my interest to learn took me to study University for guitar making in London, meantime I became apprentice for a great master luthier, learning techniques and secrets from the best, and listening stories of guitar heroes, until I decided I wanted to take my own road and create my own guitar name.
I never wanted to make anything new, in fact, I wanted to make old guitars, I wanted to make a guitar never seen before, but familiar, like was always there..
Inspired by great makers and innovators of the mid century, the futuristic designs of 60's Japanese and Italian guitar brands, and the iconic Moseley’s creations out of Bakersfield CA., I began to build prototypes, choosing quality tonewoods, and researching the market to incorporate handmade beautiful and high standard hardware and pickups, but most importantly, making them by hand in the most traditional way.

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