Nicola Zurlini / Nicola Zuluni 4/4 Violin Made In 2005 / 2005 / Bowed Instrument

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Nikola Zuruni's work, one of the modern creators of Cremona who has trained in the workshop in Robert Colini

Nikola Zuruni's 4/4 violin. Made in 2005.

Size: 4/4
Top: Spruce
Side & Back: Maple
Body length: 355mm
Stop length: 195mm
Upper: 170mm
Middle (center): 110mm
Lower: 210mm

Musical instrument weight: 463 grams
Accessories: Bow (popular, hair replacement), shoulder feeds (kun), pine fat, semi -hard case (with back strap). (There is no certificate)

There is a small range atkizu and paint drop near the top, side, and upper piece nut.

2023.1 Adjusted at stringed instrument specialty studio. The contents are as follows: 4 pegs and pieces. Soul column, string (dominant + GB) exchange.

* Adjustment after purchase, including string replacement, is all available for a fee. Please note.

One of the violin creators Nicola Zuluni, a violin maker who set up a workshop in Clemona's Pieve Saint -Gacomo, Italy, worked at the age of 39 in 2005. Nicola graduated from Clemona -produced school in 1983 under the guidance of Giorgio Scolly, one of the highest leaders of Cremona Violin. After that, he trained in the workshop in Roberto Colini, a master, participated in a violin production contest in Italy and abroad, achieved good results, and launched his own workshop. It produces popular and highly evaluated works in the UK and the United States, including Italy. The arrivals are not overhanged by the shoulder, but the upper boutt is slightly wider at 170 mm. Rowerbutsu also has a range of feelings. Middle Boutt is a glamorous form with a tight waist due to an average 110 mm. It is one of the features of the producer under the Georgio gate that the varnish of the body (literally the edge part, not perforing) is finished in a pale shade.

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