Olivier Pozzo Luthier / Grand Concert / 2010's / Guitar For Sale

table en épicéa, vernis au tampon

dos et éclisses en palissandre de Madagascar

Manche en acajou renfort en fibre de carbone

touche en ébène

mécanique Ivrine Sloane, bouton en ébène

Rosace en ébène avec incrustation de filet d'erable et de nacre

étui Hiscox pro



Olivier Pozzo, France  

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Olivier Pozzo
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Going into Olivier Pozzo's workshop, means feeling the passion and the love for a well-done work. It is a special universe where passion and simplicity mix up in service of music.

That atmosphere is perceptible through the guitars on the white wall: they seem to be waiting for something, that you take them and play them, and so on to become the instrument of your music.  

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