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Olsson Amps / Club 40 / Amp

Olsson Amps Club 40 - 1x12 Combo

Club Forty is not like most other amps out there and it’s not an amp for everyone. It isn’t built to be forgiving or flattering and it’s not built to cover up or to be your new comfort blanket. Club Forty is built to be an extension of you! It is built to not come in the way of you and you’re way to express yourself.

Club Forty is a super expressive tool that makes every little nuance in your playing jump right back at you in an amazingly musical way. The slightest change in pick attack, pick position or the way you fret will make a huge difference in sound. So, it will punish you if you didn’t do your homework but greatly reward you with beautiful sounds if you did. If complete control over your output is your thing, then Club Forty is for you.

Club Forty is simply expression in a way you never experienced before.

The overall character of the amp is a big, warm, and harmonically rich sound. Years of experience from doing live sounds, recordings and endless tweaking have given the amp a perfectly balanced frequency spectrum. A frequency response that blends like a dream with other instruments while still cutting true to give you your space in the sonic spectrum. This feature alone has made the amp the tool to go for, for many pro players that have experienced of where the guitar sound should be.

You have all the sparkling overtones you want, all the low end you need, and you are in complete control over it. But the real magic is in the Club Forty’s masterly sculptured midrange. A midrange that sits perfectly in the mix combined with having an amazing buoyancy that makes you’re notes sound full, rich and clear no matter how high up the neck you play. A midrange that makes you get heard without being hard, unpleasant or in the way.

Another main feature of the amp is an articulate, distinct, note separation that makes every coloration of chords and lines come out clear as a bell. No matter the complexity of the chords you play they will always come back clean and with every note clearly audible instead of a clunch of impossible to identify notes. A very desirable feature that is very hard to find without sounding clinical and artificial. Here you have it in the best possible way with all tube sparkle and warmth you ever dreamt of. But don’t say we didn’t warn you, that same feature is demanding, revealing and will let you know if you’re trying to fake it.

The amps layout is extremely simple to understand, but there is much more to it than it looks like. There are two channels, both voiced differently, with a volume each. You can use one at the time or mix them both together for countless variations of sound. This without even touching any other button. The two channels share a single tone control. And trust us, you don’t need anymore.

The tone control is wired so it works a little different depending on the channel you’re using and you can easily adjust for any type of guitar or playing style.

Channel 2 is a bit brighter than channel 1.

Setup tip:
A trick is to set channel 1 at the volume level you want to play at and then slowly fade in channel 2. You will hear how the sound grows, gets bigger while its opening up with blooming, glittering overtones.

The amp was designed to treat pedals with respect and let the personality of each pedal shine without the amp loosing its own identity along the way. No matter if it’s soft overdrive, heavy distortion, a cool egg frying fuzz or any kind of crazy effects will the amp give you exactly what the pedal designer intended. It will make great pedals glow and let you know if the pedal used isn’t that great. Did we say that it is revealing and non forgiving? This is simply the ultimate pedal platform amplifier!

Club Forty is equipped with well balanced, musical and great sounding spring reverb of the highest quality. You can adjust the reverb to fit your needs with a combination of the dwell and reverb knobs and it won’t take over your sound no matter how much you use. It is enhancing your sound, not drowning it. The dwell button will adjust how much signal that is sent to the spring and will work the same way as adjusting the decay time of the reverb. The reverb button will set how much reverb you mix back into your sound.

The power of the combination of these two buttons are very inspiring to play around with.

The amp is also equipped with a very well-adjusted and trimmed deep cut button.

It does so you quickly can adjust your sound between different guitars or pickup configurations. For example clean up those low frequencies from a hollow body neck pickup, that so easily gets muddy, or taking over your sound. Also, very useful for getting a smoother transition between a humbucker and a singlecoil guitar, a good thing not to drive the sound guy mad. It is also a perfect tool to remove lows from your sound when recording or out having it out in a PA. When adding the proximity effect from the microphone the low end can easily go over the top. You can adjust for that with the deep cut control or leave it for the sound guy to mess it up. It needs to be done to give some space for the bass player, low keyboard pads and/or the kick drum.
It is a super useful tool you quickly can’t live without.

If music, expression and inspiring tone is your high, then Club Forty is your drug.


Two channels, one input
40/35W power into 2, 4 OR 8 ohms load depending on power tubes
Tubes - 3x12AX7, 1x12AT7, 2x6L6GC or 2xEL34, GZ34 optional
Controls: Volume 1, Volume 2, Tone, Deep Cut, Dwell, Reverb
Celestion Creamback 65 speaker
Avaliable in 120, 220 and 230/240V versions
220V version only avaliable through our Chinese distributor
Custom wound transformers from Mercury Magnetics
Size (mm) - 270(l)x510(b)x470(h)
Weight - 22.5kg
Solid pine, finger joined cabinette
Soft amplifier fitted cover included
Handmade in Sweden

Instrument sold

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