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Olsson Amps / Custom Reverb 18 - 1x12 / 2016 / Amp

Olsson Amps - Custom Reverb 18

Custom Reverb 18 is an 18 watt dynamic amp and will amaze you with it's headroom and definition. With 18 Watt into 1x12" or 2x12" Celestion speakers, you never need to mic it in small clubs. For larger arenas, mic it and let the big amp tone inspire you.

Custom Reverb 18 is a dual channel amp designed to be loved by both single coil and humbucker players. The two channels have different voicing and can either be selected by the footswitch, or by using the channel selector at the front panel. Due to the well balanced tone, you don't need anything but a tone control to tune in the sound you like.

Custom Reverb 18 has the optimal balance between front end drive and power stage distortion, to give you the tightest bottom end and sweetest high end response.

Add some reverb to your sound and enjoy the great 3D tones produced by the amp.

The front panel features Channel switch, Volume 1, Tone 1, Volume 2, Tone 2 and Reverb. The back panel features 4, 8 and 16 ohms speaker impedance selector, two speaker jacks and one footswitch jack.


Model name     1x12" CUR181, 2x12" CUR218
Voltage     230-240V
Output power     18W
Tubes     3x12AX7, 1x12AT7, 2xEL84, 1xEZ81
Inputs     1
Channels  2
Controls     Channel switch, Volume 1,
        Volume 2, Tone 1, Tone 2, Reverb
Footpedal     Included. Channel swich and Reverb
Cabinet     Finger joined solid pine
Size     CUR181 230(l)x610(b)x540(h)
    CUR182 230(l)x715(b)x540(h)
Weight     CUR181 21kg
CUR182     27kg
Speaker  CUR181 Celestion Greenback
    CUR182 Celestion Grennback and Vintage 30
Cover     Soft amplifier fitted
    cover included

Instrument sold

Olsson Amps, Sweden  

Contact name:
John Olsson
Olsson Amps
Swedish, English
Handmade guitar tube amps
Opening hours:
08:00-17:00 CET

About Us

Olsson Amps is a company focusing on hand built, hand wired guitar tube amps with excellent sound and build quality. Behind Olsson Amps you will find me, John Olsson, designer and builder of the amps. I’ve been working with music, guitar amps and electronic design since I was a teenager.

In the 70ths I worked for Hagström in Stockholm as a sound and service engineer for many years. At this time my real interest for guitar amp and mixer console design took off. After leaving Hagström I spent a couple of years constructing custom mixing consoles for stage use. Later on I had a small business manufacturing tube amp kits beside my ordinary work.

In the beginning of 2012 I finally got the possibility to realize my vision - Producing excellent hand build guitar tube amps for you who think that sound and building quality is as important as I do.

Welcome to Olsson Amps!

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