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Olsson Amps / Stage 40 Nord / 2017 / Dark Green / Amp

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Olsson Amps Stage 40 Nord 2017 Dark Green
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Olsson Stage 40 Nord 1x12" combo

Stage 40 Nord is developed together with Mikael "Nord" Andersson, producer/arranger/guitar player -Scorpions, The Rasmus, Roxette and many more. Mikael was looking for an amp that could work as a platform for all type of pedals and with a simple and user friendly layout.

Stage 40 is a very dynamic, 40W, EL34 based amp with a lot of headroom when the Master volume is set to maximum. Decreasing the Master and increasing the input Volumes will make the amp compress the tone a bit and make the amp break up at lower volumes.  Stage 40 with its two mixable channels and one effective tone control makes it very easy to adjust the tone to suit your demands. The Deep Cut control, controls the amps low frequency response s and is very useful when you need a tighter bass, specially together with humbuckers and in live situations. You will also find our great spring reverb in this amp.


Add an extra 2x12" or 1x12" speaker cabinet and you have a stack with even bigger sound useful, at larger venues.

Stage 40 Nord is a point-to-point built amp with the highest quality components around as  transformers from Mercury Magnetics.


  • Two channels, one input

  • 40W power into 2, 4 or 8 ohms load

  • Tubes - 3x12AX7, 1x12AT7, 2xEL34

  • Controls: Volume 1, Volume 2, Tone, Reverb, Deep Cut, Master

  • Celestion Creanback 65 speaker/s

  • Available in 120 and 230/240V versions

  • Custom wound transformers from Mercury Magnetics

  • Size (mm) - 2x12" 230(l)x710(b)x540(h), 1x12" 270(l)x605(b)x470(h)

  • Weight - 2x12" 29kg, 1x12" 23kg

  • Solid pine, finger joined cabinet.

  • Soft amplifier fitted cover included

  • Handmade in Sweden

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