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Grombass is the one distortion/drive effect for bass that you will need. It has a wide range of sounds; from slightly boosted to synth- like distortion - always preserving the low ends!

Here is an overview over the controls:
Germanium: Lowest amount of distortion, a little dirty/warm in the background
LED: Gives more bass and less treble and most distortion
Silicium: A more trebled and hiss distortion
The switch "Muffler"/"Kvassleik" is a filter that changes the mids and tops. This filter is dependent on the controller «Gear»
"Turbo"/"Hardleik" is the gain on the input.
"Gear"/"Groms" is a tone controller that controls the gain of the lower frequencies.
"Injection"/"Lydmengd" is the output volume.

Besides these controls, there is a potmeter inside to adjust the input level - if you want to use it with an active bass.


Onkart Gromt, Norway  

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Oyvind Mjanger
Onkart Gromtar
Bass effects for farmers and likeminded
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By Appointment


Welcome to OnkartGromt! We are proud designers and makers of durable and solid effects for bass guitar.

We sell a series of effects, but it is also possible to get a custom build.

Take a look at our products and see why so many musicians are prefering OnkartGromt effects.

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