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OnkartGromt / Grompressor / Effect For Sale

Order now and be one of the first to get the Grompressors.

There can be a delay when the first batch is sold out, but the next will be shipped out to the first in line.

The Grompressor is an advanced compressor. Very useful for the bass player.

Level: Adjust the gain after the compression (make-up gain).

This control also is active if you go into one of the adjustable settings via the preset switch. Here you can adjust the blend level, input gain and activate the side-chain compression effect

Threshold: Adjust where the compression kicks in (0–70dB)

Attack: Adjust the attack time (1-200ms)

Release: Adjust the realese time (20-2000ms)

Ratio: Change the compression ratio from 1:1 – 1:20

Preset: Save up to 3 presets that can be loaded by clicking the right Footswitch

To SAVE a preset, navigate to the preset number you want to save to and HOLDthe footswitch until it shows SAVED.

To LOAD a preset, navigate to the preset you want to load and push the footswitch fast.

To step through the presets, hold the footswitch ca 1s and it will change to the next preset and the color shows the number that is loaded:

Preset 1 : Green, preset 2: White, preset 3: Yellow


Push the preset to the RIGTH to adjust the blend-levelinput gain (0-22.5db) and activate the Side-chain function. All parameters are controlled by the LEVELknob.

Stereo input/output.



Input impedance: 500kOhm

Output impedance: 1kOhm

Max input: +1dBV(3.1Vp-p)

True bypass relays.

Onkart Gromt, Norway  

Contact name:
Oyvind Mjanger
Onkart Gromtar
Bass effects for farmers and likeminded
Opening hours:
By Appointment


Welcome to OnkartGromt! We are proud designers and makers of durable and solid effects for bass guitar.

We sell a series of effects, but it is also possible to get a custom build.

Take a look at our products and see why so many musicians are prefering OnkartGromt effects.

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