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PP Guitars / Mako Bass 012 / 2011 / Bass

Mako Bass 012

34” scale - neck through: hard maple/purpleheart - walnut body semihollow,

curly maple fin, ebony inlay - neck with carbon rods reinforcement,

rosewood fingerboard, MOP inlay, pickup langcaster humbucker active

12 magnet poles - built-in overdrive - 3d-4 bridge from Schaller 

machines from Grover.

Price: 3.000,- USD / Approx. €2.305,- (depending on hardware choice)

Important: This instrument was built for a customer. Instrument on display to show our work only. Do not hesitate to contact me directly through V&R or our own website if you have any questions.

Instrument sold

PPGuitars, Denmark  

Contact name:
Peder Pedersen
PP Guitars
English & Danish
Hand built guitars
Opening hours:
By appointment.

PP-guitars started as a hobby creating the guitar I never found (or could afford).

I’m a freelance Illustrator, and has often “designed” my own guitar. As an active musician i have played a number of well known brands, but there has always been “something wrong” and modifications had to be done.

I started sketching and drawing on my computer, bought a lot of books, bought special tools and a lot of expensive hardwood....and began building, and learning.....patience! My son Kim Lykke Pedersen has joined me in the workshop, adding a custom-built CNC router. He is a toolmaker and 3D artist.

This gives us a possibility to take our products to a very accurate and high standard. Now we start a new design with a 3D render, which we refine until the perfect “look” is achieved. There is a big pleasure of combining fine hardwoods into a new design, adding quality hardware, and go playing Rock´n´roll.

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