Paolo Fanfani / A. Stradivari 1710 / 2012 / Red Orange Colour / Bowed Instrument For Sale

Paul Fanfani Liutaio, Italy  

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Paolo Fanfani
Paolo Fanfani Violins
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Handmade Violins
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He lives in a small town between Piacenza and Cremona.

He graduated from the International School of Violin Making in 2003 under the guidance of Angelo Sperzaga.

He works and collaborate in the shop of his master in the center of Cremona for seven years where he perfected the techniques of construction and varnishing of stringed instruments such as Violin, Viola and Cello.

His instruments are appreciated throughout the world, has several contacts with the music schools and conservatories in much of Italy,

It exports its products to 'abroad, where they are appreciated for the varnish, sound, tone and construction.

During all phases of construction have been respected traditions Liutaria Cremonensis

In fact, his models are inspired by degrees as Stradivari Violin Makers of the Past, Ornati, Guarneri, Montagnana ...

It 'also very interested in a minor violin and a bit more modern.

All his instruments are accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity guarantees from the authorities that the feature and its origin.

In 2011 he decided to open his workshop in Via Croce in Piacenza, where not only builds and repairs stringed instruments but also the possibility of being able to rent the instruments.


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