Paul Reed Smith / 1989 STANDARD / 1989 / Vintage Cherry Transparent / Guitar For Sale

 A 1989 PRS Standard pre - factory in mint/ collector's condition with all the superb features of that era.

Small heel, the original first generation tuners, the original Milcom bridge, The very sought after Standard Tremble and Standard Bass pickups, the sweet switch and a special order ( very rare ) option of a thin wide neck profile. This PRS neck profile is similar to the LP 60 slim tapper neck. Also, the fingerboard is Brazilian rosewood as all those PRS that were made before 1991.

The sound and the resonance of this guitar is amazing. It plays unplugged like an acoustic and those pickups are one of the best I have ever heard. I have another two sets in my collection which I intend to keep them forever. Please do not confuse it with another model the PRS Special that is similar, but with different pickups and without the sweet switch circuit. Some sellers have baptized the Special as Standard, but there is a huge difference in price due to the Standard pickups and sweet switch. The pickups alone cost more than 550 Dollars today.

The serial number is 9 6528. As everybody knows below the serial number 10,000 they are all highly collectable and this one is well below. The condition of this guitar is absolutely mint like new ( unplayed ). That is a very rare case and it is a true collectors condition. The original case has all the documents and the quarantee. It is like a new guitar after 30 years.

 Those guitars being the very first PRS model represent a good investment as well and they always go up in price. For a lot of collectors the old PRS is the next thing coming in the collectors world.

Price: 3,600 Euros + shipping.

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For over 20 years we are only specialized in high quality precious tonewoods, such as Brazilian rosewood ( CITES certified ), Pernambuco, Kingwood, Tulipwood, Red Snakewood, Imbuia and many other rare tonewoods.

Please read my article at the Vintage and Rare blog :

We supply Don Grosh (USA), John Suhr (USA), Warrior (USA), Driskill (USA), Maton ( Aus), Melville ( Aus) and to many other boutique luthiers and individual collectors around the world.

All our wood is long seasoned ( 20 - 60 years ) and absolutely air dried. Our main warehouse is in Sao Paulo, Brazil and we also keep stock in Athens , Greece for the European market.

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