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Here’s a flatpicker’s dream instrument !! The Thompson Slope Shoulder 14 fret Dreadnought is a cousin to our standard 14 fret Dreadnought models. These comfortable and graceful guitars have the powerful presence of all Thompson Dreadnoughts but are noted for having a balanced tone across the board. They are vibrant guitars with a strong, clear response and lush warmth.

Leadmusic is proud to have Thompson Guitars in their range of high end guitars, as these instruments beats any high end Martin you could purchase for twice (or more) the price. Also, Preston Thompson Guitars have a built time of approx 6 months and built 150 to 160 guitars a year, so these are pretty rare birds !!

Our SL-MA was ordered in December 2019 and features Adirondack tops and bracing. We received it in December 2019 and it feels like it’s already been played as it’s perfectly dried, balanced and weight like the lightest old acoustic guitar you could find. Sound is perfectly even, balanced and loud. This instrument has a lot of volume and you can play from articulate fingerstyle to heavy protest songs, it does everything perfectly. But don't get me wrong, that guitar spend all its life in its case and as we were closed most of 2020 due to Covid, it's new, shinny, and will open in sound with its first owner. A superb guitar !!

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LEADMUSIC opened in 2002. After years of playing music in several bands and managing a music shop here in Geneva, I decided it was time to get the best gear around and offer that to professional musicians aswell. It’s been a few years now since I don’t work alone anymore and it’s our promise to you that we will get you the highest quality at the best price possible while offering you exceptional customer service.

This website shows most of the products you’ll find at LEADMUSIC. As you might understand, we concentrate our stock and our interest on high quality gear, Custom Made and Boutique brands. These Top of the Line products are the best of their categorie, gives amazing results and sounds and technical service (if needed…) is handeled by LEADMUSIC or the original factory by usually replacing the deffect unit (since failure barely happens…)

Also, for regular gear and more common brands, LEADMUSIC has so many connections and good relationship around the world that almost everything can be ordered through either the official distributors or the original manufacturers. Your requests and orders are our priority and we’ll take care to satisfy you as fast and as well as possible,


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