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Chaos Theory is thought to transform your single channel amplifier into a full three channel amplifier.

It have the classic layout like most of the amplifiers out there, plus a boost section (both volume and gain stages). VOLUME, TREBLE, MIDDLE, BASS and GAIN are used as on any standard amplifier, but when pushing the BOOST footswitch, you have a second choice for added GAIN and LEVEL for your solo parts.
Not a clone, Chaos Theory was thought of as a direct reply to many of our customers out there, who love to play their vintage single channel amplifiers, but are in need for some more gain options. FAT/NORMAL, this switch is a selection of two different gain levels for the whole pedal.
VINTAGE or MODERN. Set it flat or V shaped mid shift for the true metal heads.

  • Volume: output volume control;
  • High: control for the high section of the eq;
  • Middle: control for the mid section of the eq;
  • Bass: control for the bass section of the eq;
  • Gain: gain control;
  • Boost Gain: gain control for boost side;
  • Boost Level: boost level for boost side;
  • FAT/NORMAL: choose between two diferent structures of gain;
  • VINTAGE/MODERN: choose between two different shapes of mid frequencies, first one is flat and second one is scooped;
  • ON/OFF: on/off for the effect. Truebypass relay bases bypass;
  • BOOST: on/off for the boost side, which is dependent by the distortion side. If the pedal is in off mode, by turning on/off the boost side, nothing will happen.

Red Seven Amplification, Italy  

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Luca Baratella - CEO
RedSeven Amplification
Italian & English
Handmade Amps
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Boutique company base in Italy. We produce hi-end guitar amplifiers and devices with zero compromise philosophy. 

Our products are 100% built in Italy into our facility and QC'd by founders.  

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