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Is this the coolest Rickenbacker ever? We think so

Everything about this guitar screams ‘Classic Ric’ and for those that love this brand (actually who doesn’t?) it is the quintessential Rickenbacker, Fireglo finish - yes, 12 String - yes, Played by Pete Townsend and the Beatles - yes

The RICKENBACKER 360V64 (six string) was introduced in 1991 as a reissue based on the 1964 Deluxe 360 model - THE model that really propelled Rickenbacker to fame.

The 360V64 has double cutaway, semi-hollow, bound maple body with onewedge shaped sound hole. The set maple neck has a 21-fret rosewood fingerboard with pearl triangle inlays. Hardware includes a tune-o-matic bridge with trapeze tailpiece and 3-per-side tuners. Pickups are two Vintage Single Coils with parallel mono outputs. The Rickenbacker 360V64 was discontinued in 2010 making it almost impossible to find but will remain a classic forever

Here at Art of Guitar we have an absolute mint version from the early 2000s. Looks brand new apart from a couple of hair line marks on the headstock - this guitar has had a single owner and clearly been lovingly cherished.

Has that distinctive ‘Only Rickenbacker chiming British Invasion ring to it transporting you immediately back to the 60s when Brit Rock ruled the world. Picked up later by the surf bands and even Tom Petty got on the bandwagon.

The 360 is the top of the Rickenbacker range with the 360 12string V64 being the top model they ever produced. Originals from 64-71 the first run change hands for close on late 50s Les Paul ‘burst’ money so it’s no compromise getting a 2000s reissue and owning a classic without remortgaging the home!

Shop the Rickenbacker - 360/12V64 in Fireglo now at Art of Guitar online, or drop in to the Art of Guitar store in Dubai today to try one out for yourself.

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