Roberto Covi / Jeff Buckley Mystery White Boy Fine Art Print 30x40 / 1995 / Guitar For Sale

On a historic day, July 15th, 1995, in Corregio, Italy, photographer Roberto Covi captured the iconic image of Jeff Buckley, which was later chosen as the front cover for the record/CD 'Mystery White Boy' 

We are happy to offer you an opportunity to own a unique piece of music history.

The fine art print will be sold in three different sizes and limited to 50 pieces each: 30x40, 50x70, and 70x100 cm.



30x40       € 850,00

50x70       € 1400,00

70x100     € 2500,00

Each print will be signed and numbered and come with a certificate of authenticity signed by Roberto Covi. Each print will have a certified stamp by the pro fine art lab on the back of the photo.

Furthermore, each print will also come with a digital certificate of ownership in the form of an NFT which we can store for you or transfer directly to your wallet. 



The price includes Italian VAT at a rate of 22%. The VAT can be deducted under the following conditions:
- EU buyers with a valid VAT number
- Non-EU buyers (can buy without VAT)
The price does not include shipping. Please contact us for shipping quotes to your destination.

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