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Rozawood / MAGICAL 7 Line... / 2020 / Nitrocellulose Lacquer / Guitar For Sale

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Rozawood Magical 7 Line... 2020 Nitrocellulose Lacquer
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MAGICAL 7 line...

All detail info about all our seven standardly-designed guitars you can find on our MAGICAL 7 webpage. So, here only short preview...



An old fashion stylish lady – so sweet and warm! This 12-fret 00 size guitar has been created as our interpretation of an old traditional smaller body guitar of the „pe-war time era“ (meaning the WWII). The design is as simple as possible, the only „upgrade“ is an eye-catching brown sunburst, which gives to this lady the appearance of the well-known old fellow. LIST PRICE: 4690€


4.190,-EUR now



Hard to imagine there is someone playing on guitar who never heard about this dreadnought model – no matter it seems to be a synonym for a „bluegrass guitar“. There is a long row of great artists played on her – legendary Hank Williams, Lester Flatt, Tony Rice and many others. This is without any doubt the BEST KNOWN DREAD EVER, produced not only by the C.F.Martin & Co. (the creator), but probably by most of the guitar makers all around the world. LIST PRICE: 5390€


4.850,-EUR now



Our OM body guitar is a „master blend“ of the guitar tradition with modern design. Using the sinker Redwood for the top with delicious Abalone Mother of Pearl rosette and top trim for this mid-size body and intricate RoZaWood floral logo on the peghead, we created a guitar which is allowed to be called the MAGICAL BEAUTY. The sound is incredibly well balanced, with lots of overtones, but still concrete in all positions – from the bottom to the highest notes. LIST PRICE: 6990€


6.290,-EUR now



She is really like a modern-day girl – pretty and blue! And it will be heard when you touch her and start to play. She will cry if you beat her, she will sing if you will stroke her by your fingers. Blue stained Spruce/Curly Maple outfit gives a really special appearance to this Grand Auditorium size guitar – she is a full body and bighearted! She is proudly emancipated, but still tender. She is simply our CHICK IN FADED JEANS. LIST PRICE: 5390€


4.850,-EUR now



This multi-scale guitar called also a DROP Guitar has been created under demand for those guitar performers, who want to use alternative playing styles and tuning. The longer scale for the 6th string allows to tune the guitar to many alternative tunings like open D, drop D or even drop C, or daDGAD or whatever else. In combination with our special double-x bracing pattern for the top and Convex Sound Hole Rim you will get a really GREAT PERFORMANCE guitar. LIST PRICE: 6990€


6.290,-EUR now



We call this lady „Guitar Futurama“. She offers everything you can imagine on the modern guitar. Special moulded frets supplied by Swedish company TRUE TEMPERAMENT enable unbelievable „in pitch“ playing all around the fretboard, while Spruce and Koa used for the body and Red Cedar for the neck provide incredibly clear sound projection. Just beyond believe. LIST PRICE: 9490€


8.490,-EUR now



Talking about modern guitar player’s demands it’s impossible to eliminate a Baritone Guitar. We constructed this fully acoustic Baritone among the first on the world years ago and since that time this guitar is our bestseller. Special designed double-x bracing system modified for this big bodied guitar and Convex Sound Hole Rim enable to provide such low frequencies in a strong enough projection you never heard from acoustic guitar. LIST PRICE: 4990€


4.490,-EUR now


ROZAWOOD, a.s., Czech Republic  

Contact name:
Roman Zajicek
Czech and English
Hand-made stringed instruments
Opening hours:
By Appointment. International phone +420 602 310741. Email:

The ROZAWOOD workshop is the vision of luthier Roman Zajíček, who is known as one of the finest guitar makers in Europe.
Many European players and guitar sellers consider Roman among the “top 5” guitar makers worldwide. His instruments are known for their impressive tone and impeccable workmanship.


Roman, engineer of profession, loves music above all. His quest for beauty of acoustic tone led him to building instruments himself.
Roman built his first instruments in 1979. His reputation of a man with deep sensitivity for wood and tone began to spread among high-end instrument lovers with every guitar he created. ROZAWOOD was born and after some time, when Roman built guitars all by himself, his activities outgrew him. In 2003 Roman found a partner to finance and manage his ongoing activities and the new ROZAWOOD workshop was established.


Roman is part of the impressive history of Bohemian instrument making, which is considered to be the longest in the world. A nice exampleis C.F. Martin who originates from the town Markneukirchen, not so far from where Roman lives and works. This region is still the cradle of many high-end instrument makers, mostly working in small shops. Although the professionally marketed American luthiers are better known, some of these Bohemian luthiers are impressive instrument makers equal and sometimes better craftsmen than their American colleagues. Roman’s knowledge of traditional violin construction combined with his technical insight and experience as guitar maker made him one of the finest luthiers of Europe. His unique construction design resulted over the years in a wide range of fine high-end acoustic instruments of highest quality and impressive acoustic sound.


All our production, made from special selected solid tonewoods and other top quality materials only, is purely handmade in any detail. Even today very rare handcut pearl inlays are standard in our workshop. We use tap-tuning for every our instrument as a standard too – every top is tuned by tapping on and subsequent corresponding adjustment.
Every instrument is during all building process checked by Roman personally (if even is not built whole by Roman only) and for quality confirmation is signed by Roman after all.


ROZAWOOD is not a factory or a manufacture, but an art workshop where only skilled and trained luthiers put their best efforts into every unique ROZAWOOD instrument …


Roman is a member of the Guild of Prague Luthiers.

Please contact us for any demand or question you have ...

  Send message to: ROZAWOOD, a.s., Czech Republic
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