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Seth Baccus Nautilus Standard  2017 Ocean Fade


I built this guitar about 18 months ago and uniquely I still have it available for sale. 

Specs include - Specs include - 

One piece swamp ash body 
Flamed maple top 
One piece Honduras mahogany neck 
Ebony fingerboard 
Bare Knuckle pickups - Stormy Monday neck and Rebel Yell bridge 
Nut width @43.5mm 
Tone pro's bridge and tailpiece 

Guitar is in imacculate condition - Special price is £2250  

Seth Baccus Guitars, UK  

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Seth Baccus
Seth Baccus Guitars
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Seth Baccus Guitars

Thank you for taking an interest in my work, it’s greatly appreciated. Here I will attempt to tell you a bit about me and where I am coming from with my guitars.

I've been in the guitar industry for over 20 years now, but grew up with my stepfather Andy Manson, a legendary acoustic guitar builder, surrounded by guitars and sawdust. 

I managed Manson's guitars, and worked as a touring tech for many years before establishing my own brand of boutique bespoke electric guitars 10 years ago. 

I have learnt a great guitar is a huge collection of small details all exectued carefully. Quality is never an accident. These Seth Baccus Guitars are heirloom guitars, that I hope will inspire some magic in you the player. 

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