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2024 Brand New Signature Sound Deluxe Tan Suede. 10 Years of research and development from on hand original Amplifiers. This is next level COS (Custom Original Specification) HDS Amplifier. Blueprint of 0169 Made for Robben Ford in 1987. 100 Watts with 50 Watt power switch Amp. (4) 6L6 NOS GE Power tubes (3) NOS GE 12AX7 Preamp tubes. Mil Spec Chassis to the original. All of the components; Transformers, Capacitors, Resistors, every detail to screws and construction are exact to the original. Proprietary circuit populated with NOS (new old stock) capacitor values. NOS resistors measured to exact values to the original Circuit. Match tempered Transformers sets. The entire chassis and components are powder coated black. 4 x 10' Speaker cab.
Hand made in California USA. Sonically nothing comes close with this much attention to detail and focus for studio quality superiority. Lifetime Service and Warrantee on Workmanship. The amp comes with a limited edition COA

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