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Silvertone / 1483 / 1966 / Amp

Vampire Weekend, Beck, REM, Jack White – These are some of the early adopters of the Silvertone 1483. These amps are all hand wired and used high quality components like the RCA sourced 6L6 power tubes and Jensen brand speakers. Sears contracted with Danelectro of to bring the 1480 series of amplifiers to the public through their catalog. The 1483 was initially introduced as a bass amplifier so they made a lot fewer of them than the rest of the series. The 1483 differs from the more common 1484 Twin Twelve in more ways than just the speaker configuration. It features a tube rectified circuit (Silvertone branded RCA 5Y3 rectifier like a Fender) which has that natural tube sag ands softer attack. It’s also much lower power at about 23 watts. These amps are known for their great tube drive all the way to higher gain crunch and for helping to shape the sound of the 1960s.


This 1966 Silvertone 1483 is a great example of how they just don’t make them like this anymore. It’s still running all the original components and functions like new. It’s ready to go in your studio or in your touring rig. All five tubes are the original Silvertone branded tubes that came in the amp. The piggy back style Silvertone amps were designed to be able to nest the head safely in the back of the cabinet for safety during transportation. They also came with the head and cabinet hardwired together and this one is still in that configuration. The only modification it’s had is the installation of a three prong power supply for safety. The original Jensen speaker sounds strong and shows no signs of fatigue. The original baffle board is strong but has had new screw holes drilled in order to firmly secure the speaker to the baffle. All capacitors, resistors and potentiometers are original and function to spec without any weird hum, oscillation or ghost noises. I personally clean and inspect every amplifier that comes through the shop and can attest to the great tone that these 1483s are known for. The only signs of wear on this amp are a couple of frayed corners and slight oxidation on the faceplate. It’s also missing the small Silvertone tag on the cabinet.


The Silvertone 1483 is a handmade rock and roll masterpiece that happens to be about half the price of the boutique amps being made today. They’re easy to repair and maintain with their handwired circuitry and readily available schematic. Don’t hesitate to call and talk to me about why I love these so much.

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