Sonic Monkey / Vintage Telecaster / 2010's / Guitar For Sale

Handwound in London for me, completely vintage correct, stunning pickups , used on so many A list guitars and can be heard on many recordings and performances up and down the UK and internationally.


Available in two outputs
Bridge  9.5 - Neck  8.0 

Bridge  6.2 - Neck  5.6


Made with cast alnico magnets

Sets wound with 42g Elektrisola Formvar

Vintage correct cotton cotton covered wire.

Hand made from scratch 


And they can Come Vintage Correct / Aged including lead wires .., UK  

Contact name:
Dusty Miller
Grez, Fibonacci, RGTH, Harden Engineering, Joseph Kaye Guitars, Guillame Rancourt , Bryan Monty
Hand built guitars and archtop acoustic and vintage correct builds
Opening hours:
8am to 8pm

The site and business is built around high-quality instruments and hardware at affordable prices.

All the instruments are hand built and finished some sourced in the UK , Europe and the US and Canada.

Some are stock items and some built to order, only two of the makers giving one year due to full order books.


Please contact me for further details


  Send message to:, UK
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