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Sonntag / J17 Allegria / Guitar

The J17 Allegria is the entry-level model of the Sonntag archtops. It's distinguishing feature is the use of laminated sides and back, giving it a predilection for electrical amplification and making it highly resistant to feedback. The top however is of solid spruce and hand-carved, maintaining the Allegria's quick response and dynamic tone development.

The top mount pick-up creates the typical fat Jazz sound. The use of laminated back and sides, omission of ornamentation, and the Polyester-Finish make it affordable to newcomers on a budget price level.



Instrument sold

Sonntag Guitars, Germany  

Contact name:
Stefan Sonntag
Sonntag Guitars
German & English
Handbuilt guitars
Opening hours:
By appointment

Stefan Sonntag, Luthier

Formal education

I was born in Augsburg, Germany on October 17, 1964. I began my training as guitar-maker in 1986 at the Violin-making school in Mittenwald, Germany. There I studied the skills and principles of handmade guitar construction.

In 1989 I ended my course of studies having passed my final examinations and went on to work for the Höfner stringed-instrument manufacturing company in Bubenreuth/Germany. There I was able to obtain an insider's view of the guitar making industry.

In 1990 I went to the Strohmer Workshop in Nuremberg/Germany where special-order guitars were made, as well as repairwork and restorations, along with Limited-Edition series.

In 1993 I received my Master's Degree as best in my class and began to set up my own workshop in Augsburg. Since then I not only serve guitarists in Germany but am increasingly becoming well-known in Europe and world-wide.
Self-employed guitar manufacturer

I build archtop Jazz guitars exclusively. Each instrument is hand-crafted here in my workshop. I use no prefabricated wooden parts, all parts are being made personally by me. I use only select woods that I choose myself from special suppliers. These woods are air-dried and stored for no less than five years. Only then do they posses the necessary quality that I demand in order to build my guitars.

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