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The Soultool Guitars SonicMuse is Luthier Egon Rauscher's new, advanced, chameleon-like headless guitar model. While many players see a headless guitar and turn the other way; if you are truly a sonic purist and a player who wants to get the most out of their instrument, you should not only pay close attention to this new offering from Soultool Guitars, handcrafted in Switzerland; but also be able to clearly see the massive benefits headless guitars have to offer. A properly, well thought out headless guitar design such as the SonicMuse allows the player a more stably tuned instrument with a more unified action from the nut to bridge. Most guitars, especially those with a bolt-on neck construction vibrate the most at the head-stock, eating away at the transfer of energy from body to neck when the strings are strummed or plucked. With a headless guitar this is eliminated and with the SonicMuse you can choose to use different weighted materials to tune the response of these vibrations; including on the back of the neck (where the head-stock would typically be) By adding an Aluminum weight aka "SoulDisk", the sound is thicker, more focused and overall brighter with more sustain. Using one of the Brass weights adds sustain and a slightly more profound mid-range focused tone, lastly opting for one of the wooden materials, you can expect a warmer tone, lighter weight and a little less bite. (W/ Aluminum Soul-Discs the guitar weighs 7lbs 11oz, with none it weighs right over 6lbs 8oz) Everything regarding the sonic properties and tactile response of the SonicMuse is capable of being altered by the player on the spot.

Rather than approach this challenging project through changing the pickups or another simpler less effective method; which doesn't solve any of the underlying issues with a typical electric guitar; Egon decided to approach it from a highly skilled Luthier's point of view. The results are phenomenal. The SonicMuse also has three SoulDisk weights on the back of the body, all of which are interchangeable and can be mixed with one another to form a tone unlike you've ever experienced before, it's truly tone you can feel, just as much as you can hear. With no SoulDisks applied, the guitar is at its most open; with an ethereal, complex acoustic property; uncommon, but more than welcomed in a solid-body electric guitar. Besides for the different weights there are also three different bridge supports made from the same three materials. Aluminum, Brass and Mahogany that drastically fine tune the guitars tonal pallet. The SonicMuse is constructed of only the finest materials with unsurpassed craftsmanship and attention to detail.
This is the Deluxe variation of this new model and Ser # 1. If the buyer would like to get a second neck built for even more variety tonally and feel-wise. As Soultool Guitar dealers, we can get one produced for you for $500 plus the price of shipping. Call or write us to inquire. Plugged in this instrument can do it all. This is not a guitar that is just a Jack of all trades, it is also a "Master" of all trades. From Strat like quack with the 5 way toggle, to fat hum-bucking bridge position tones and classic but more focused P-90 punch in the neck position; the SonicMuse has got you covered. The perfect travel or studio guitar for the serious guitarist or a center piece for the high-end collector, this instrument will always shine. Up close the finish and craftsmanship is astonishing to look at and feel. The fretwork and play-ability is without a doubt on another level and is nothing short of what you'd expect out of an instrument of this quality and price-point. As this is the first SonicMuse to ever be built or offered to the public, we are offering this instrument at an introductory Standard SonicMuse price. Typically the SonicMuse is $6,500.00 with a single color finish and a 3-piece Alder Body. This Guitar has all of the upgraded options listed below and is finished in a gorgeous two-tone scheme. Translucent Blue/Teal Top and Natural Mahogany Middle layer and Back.


Body; - Top Layer; High figured flamed maple - Middle Layer; Swietenia Mahogany - Back Layer; Swietenia Mahogany Neck; - Back; Swietenia Mahogany - Fretboard; Ebony - Saddle; Graphtech, compensated system Hardware; - ABM (Germany) Pickup System; - HOT Humbucker/Blues Single Coil/Classic P-90 (Built by Häussel Pickups, in Germany) Electronics: - 5-way-lever (split-coil bridge when combined) - Emerson CTS Volume - PP Tone Pot (Treble-bleed switching) Allows for two separate volume settings on the fly. Set your std volume anywhere below full output and engage push-pull for full volume. (You can think of it as a nifty boost within the guitar)
This "SonicMuse Set" includes; - SonicMuse Custom Guitar - 3 sets of SoulDisks; Aluminum (already applied on the Guitar) , Brass (3 of them as they sound best on the body) and 3 wood Disks also recommended for the body. Aluminum is the recommended disk, for the back of the guitars head-stock. Use no disk on the head-stock for the most open tone. - Custom made High Quality Hard Shell Case - Tools & Soutool Cleaning Towel are included
Available as Options; - second neck ($500) - more SoulDisks ($35 a piece)

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South Shore Guitar Boutique is a Boutique/Vintage guitar shop in Long Island, New York, dedicated to showcasing the best guitar, amplifier, and effects pedal builders in the world, as well as providing an intimate and comfortable place for musicians to experience and purchase these rare and unique instruments. Think of us as a rotating gallery of fine handcrafted instruments. When you visit our store, you will be able to discuss gear with like-minded, knowledgeable individuals, who can steer you toward the instrument and tone of your dreams. We will assist you in discovering the most inspiring gear to help you to achieve your best form of musical expression. We can even help you custom order an instrument from any of the extraordinary builders we work with. 

Our shop was born from a life-long love and fascination for vintage and handmade guitars and gear. We handpick each of our products with an emphasis on craftsmanship, quality and environmental sustainability. While big-box music stores stock mostly run-of-the-mill, mass-produced products, we search the world for the most awe-inspiring, tonally pleasing, great playing, and meticulously built guitars, amplifiers and effect pedals and bring them directly to you. We understand that each player has their own distinct playing style and expression, and it is our goal to satisfy even the most sophisticated and demanding musician. We are musicians ourselves and understand the importance of first impressions when it comes to buying gear. If we wouldn't play it we wont put it in our shop. Every guitar we sell must play its absolute best. We are proud to be Dealers of Mirabella, Ronin, Deimel, Tausch, Elliott, Bilt, Swope, Waterslide, Jesselli Guitars, James Collins, Mario Martin, Grez, Soultool, Nash, Prisma, Island, Bunting, Noah, UMA, Dean Gordon, Garro, Fry, Reverend Guitars, Benson Amps, Wang Amplification, Strymon, Chase Bliss, Meris, Quilter,  Jackson Audio, String Joy, Rattlesnake cables, Etc.

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