Supernovafx Fender / Carbon Mustang / 2015 / Carbon Fiber / Guitar

Engineered by SuperNova[fx], this bass belongs to our section “UnStandard Mods”.

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We conceive our “UnStandard Mods” projects as the maximum expression of R&D applied to musical instruments. We carefully choose series-produced standard guitars or even exclusive boutique collector´s pieces and, always trying to be respectful with its original character, we improve or modify it till we turn it into something quite unique and revolutionary.

In this specific piece, our Carbon Mustang has been designed from a 1969 Fender Mustang™ Japan Series.


– Designed from a Fender Mustang™ 69´Japan Series.

– Original SingleCoils Pickups substitution for a calibrated set of a BareKnuckle Pickups BlackHawk™ -CNC routed-.

– Built-In SuperNova[fx] effects™:

▪   InDaFace™.

▪   Contension™.

▪   Boost!™.

▪   R.I.P. Switch™.

– Brand new electronic circuitry:

▪   Vintage cable -external copper net shield.

▪   Copper Shielding.

▪   OrangeDrop™ Capacitors,

▪   Neutrik™ locking chassis jack.

▪   CTS™ pots.

▪   Schaller Megaswitch™.

– Brand new Bigsby B7™ installation with tune-o-matic BABICZ™.

– Gotoh™ tuners.

– SuperNova[fx] Bolt-On™.

– SuperNova[fx] ZeroFret™.

– Weight cavitation process with optimum mass distribution, (final weight less than 3Kg).

– PickGuard, neck cover and back side plates made of duralumin –Aircraft grade quality.

– Laser engraved on duralumin plates.

– SuperNova[fx] PickGuard Inserts System™.

– SuperNova[fx] Round MachineHeads™.

– SuperNova[fx] Knobs™ (volume, tone and effects).

– SuperNova[fx] Slide Knob™ (Pickups selector).

– SuperNova[fx] PickUp Rings™.

– Carbon fiber top cover on body and neck.

– Duralumin binding Laser cut.

– Neck Curvature adjustment and fret work.

– FretBoard black painting.

– A2 metric Stainless Steel Screws.

Instrument sold


Contact name:
Ray Planet
Spanish, English, Deutsch, Catalan.
Electric Guitars (made out of aluminum)
Opening hours:

RAY PLANET|GUITARS belongs to SUPERNOVA|FX, an R+D company based in Barcelona which, after several years of research, has been able to create a one of a kind product: a one-piece CNC machined guitar made out of a single solid block of aluminum:




Welcome to the XXI century: RAY PLANET|GUITARS Machete Series (PCT patent applied).

Terms and Conditions Refund policy on mail order items.

If an item is received that is not per our detailed description in terms of condition or originality we offer a full refund policy of 7 days after receipt of item, no refunds will be accepted after this date.

When returning a product, it is the sole responsibility of the customer to ensure that any goods are repackaged securely and goods are recieved back in the same condition they were recieved in. Only when goods are recieved back in the condition sent, will a refund be issued. Refund Method Refunds will be made by the method of payment which was used to pay for the instrument/item ie PayPal to PayPal, Wire to Wire, Cash to Cash.

If you wish to return your purchase due to not liking the item we can offer a full value store credit than can be used against future purchases or offer a refund less 10% restocking fee , this is only applicable within 48 hours of receipt of goods.


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