Supernovafx Teisco Del Rey / EP-93T Archtop 64´ RawAlu / 2016 / Dark Walnut / Guitar For Sale

Engineered by SuperNova[fx], this guitar belongs to our section “UnStandard Mods”.

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We conceive our “UnStandard Mods” projects as the maximum expression of R&D applied to musical instruments. We carefully choose series-produced standard guitars or even exclusive boutique collector´s pieces and, always trying to be respectful with its original character, we improve or modify it till we turn it into something quite unique and revolutionary.

In this specific piece, our Teisco SemiHollow RawAlu has been designed from a 1964 Teisco del Rey™ EP-93T Archtop.

• Original Teisco del Rey™ electronic schematics and circuitry.
• SwitchCraft™ Jack.
• OriginalTeisco del Rey™ capacitors and potentiometers.
• SuperNova[fx]Bolt-On™.
• SuperNova[fx]ZeroFret™.
• PickGuards and neck cover made of Duralumin -Aircraft grade quality.
• Handcrafted engraved Relic-like Duralumin plates.
• SuperNova[fx] PickGuardInserts System™.
• SuperNova[fx]Round MachineHeads™.
• SuperNova[fx]Slide Knobs™.
• Gotoh™Tuners.
• Brand new Tune-o-matic bridgeinstallation.
• Neck curvature adjustment andfret work.
• New handcrafted neck “C” profile with Shellac finish.
• Fretboardblack painting.
• A2 metric Stainless SteelScrews.
• Teisco del Rey™ Original Case.

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Ray Planet
Spanish, English, Deutsch, Catalan.
Boutique and Custom Guitars
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Dedicated to the creation, modification and ideation of musical instruments & engineering projects, SUPERNOVA|FX was born from the passion and the need to provide resolution.


Design & Engineering focused on aluminum electric guitars and luthier & custom projects.

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