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TMG GUITAR Hollow type 'SCAR, which is a combination of alder body and maple neck. Lett '.

The carefully selected Alder Body is a high -quality TMG sound foundation that feels warm and sexy in the midrange. The neck is a 5A flame maple, which looks gorgeous.

Although it is a hollow type, it is stuck with the scones and the fruit that comes out

The slightly compassing sound that the biscuits crack quickly are the true value of the TMG tone.

Also, combined with Bigsby, the moderate rampage is the most comfortable, and it is a sound/playability that makes you want to play all the time.

The best feature is a gold design that shines throughout

Although it is a unique look due to frame neck, aging for craftsmen, binding, etc., it has a sense of unity and is cool ◎

Although it is a high -end construction that can be said to be modern, TMG Guitar has respect for the old guitar. It makes you feel the vintage feeling.

If you take it to the site, you will definitely invite the interests around, "What guitar! What kind of sound will sound !!"

It is a potential that exceeds the expectations and sounds that exceed that expectation.


Body: Alder

Neck: 5a Flame Maple

Fingerboard: Maple

P.U: TMG P-90 × 2

Weight: 3.05kg

Nutwideth: 42.6mm

W/Original Hardcase

Long Scale Neck


Bend, Oregon, where communities of all craftsmen gather.

TMG produces instruments in vast land and nature rich environment.

In the fields that you are good at, the TMG Guitar guitar is produced by crystallized craftsmen's skills.

Therefore, I do not feel the ego sticking to the instrument itself. A neck grip that makes a voice saying "Oh, good guitar" from the moment you have.

Painting that does not disturb the goodness of the material if the sound is made, a pickup sound that does not use wasted spoils and assembly.

Playability that can withstand professional sites while being a vintage -like.

However, if it is a good specification instrument, it is easy to talk about it, but this TMG GUITAR product is a guitar that clearly represents the player, and is a completed instrument that cannot be talked about by specifications alone.

If you experience the sound of quality, technology, and the sound back of musicians playing on site steadily on the instrument, you will understand what you are saying.


In charge: Nibotsu
Please note that all items are for sale in our Tokyo store.
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