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TP Custom Guitars Tonemeister trem-o-tone - built to order.

Pre order here your Tonemeister Trem-o-tone custom, deposit price as shown above. We will get in touch with you right away to discuss the specs of your custom instrument and a contract will be emailed to you.

A second payment of approximately 50% of the remaining balance will be required before start the finishing of the instrument. The final balanced will need to be cleared at the end of the project, prior collection of the instrument.

Every project is subject to 12 to 16 weeks waiting time, to allow the build of the instrument, depending on existing projects underway.

Price is ex. shipping. Please inquire for quote to your destination.

TP Custom Guitars, UK  

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Tom Pugi
TP Custom Guitars
English & Italian
Handmade Guitars
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By appointment

Traditionally handcrafted guitars and restorations, finest instruments made in London N7 by Tuscan hands.


It's a concept that started in 2013.
For many years I have been researching, collecting and learning the history of guitars and makers, my passion extended in Italian design and the attention to details. my interest to learn took me to study University for guitar making in London, meantime I became apprentice for a great master luthier, learning techniques and secrets from the best, and listening stories of guitar heroes, until I decided I wanted to take my own road and create my own guitar name.
I never wanted to make anything new, in fact, I wanted to make old guitars, I wanted to make a guitar never seen before, but familiar, like was always there..
Inspired by great makers and innovators of the mid century, the futuristic designs of 60's Japanese and Italian guitar brands, and the iconic Moseley’s creations out of Bakersfield CA., I began to build prototypes, choosing quality tonewoods, and researching the market to incorporate handmade beautiful and high standard hardware and pickups, but most importantly, making them by hand in the most traditional way.

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